The Sqn History

65 Fd Sp Sqn - 65 Corps Sp Sqn - 65 Corps Field Park Sqn

Sophie Piper a troopy at 65 Fd Sp Sqn has been tasked with writing the Squadrons History to present day prior to its move from 28 Engr Regt to 39 Engr Regt in 2014. She is keen to make contacts with anyone who may have served with any variant of 65 Sqn or know of any ‘significant’ points in history where 65 Sqn have played a vital role. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Contact 2Lt Sophie Piper RE using the following email address



does no one remember when 65cssre built the runways at hoxter flugplatz over two summers which is now a flourishing business centre and excellent pizza haus