From Geordie (Ken) Price. I've been trying to remember the lads who were there in my couple of years, please feel free to add more. Jim Billingham was the MT Sgt & one of the others was Neil (Full screw) cant remember surname. Other lads include Chris Stokes, Dick Van der Horst, Geordie Mawson, Midge Middleton, Jock Semple, etc will add more as my brain allows, its an age thing

I remember decorating the Sqn club ( old mortuary ) for 2 weeks permenantly pissed & I have a photo somewhere of it being opened by the OC which I'll add later



PS Who cant forget Wally Browse !!

PS also Jim (Jock) Ward

Remember Brian Reid, Ian Claire ,Dave Carroll , phil Caldwell,
I remember doing the ration truck run getting orders from the pads to slip a couple of chickens in the side boxes of the truck for them to collect later!