33 Squadron

33 Field until 1959, then independent until 1967, then 33 Field until 1974, then 33 independent until 1992, then 33 field until 2007. Total 26 years independent, 31 years as Field. For reasons like this, I have avoided ALL names such as Amph, Cdo, Indep, Hugh, Pugh and Barney McGrue

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From Clive Pledger - 

Hi Gordon.   33Fld squadron was my first posting after training.It was part of 37Eng Regt comprising 33sqn,10 sqn and 66 plant sqn and 325 engineer park. 33 had the honour of building long kesh internment camp in 1971 before I joined them also building the Bedrock Hilton sqn bar reckoned by many the best sqn bar ever..33 sqn went  back to NI in 1972 for op motorman and did 6 weeks at Ballykelly then 6 weeks in the maze(long kesh.)  33 sqn joined 37 eng reg in 1967 from Cyprus.  10 sqn moved to BOAR in 1973 as harrier support. and 33 became 33 ind fld sqn.They moved to NI permently in oct 1973 and I was posted to 66 plant sqn to run their signals.section.  Hope this helps.


Regards clive.


I lost my Dad in January aged 83yrs
I am interested to find out more about his TA days
He was at Bluebell Lane Huyton TA in the 50's

Will make some enquiries for you Joyce - are you on Facebook?

Would like to hear from anybody the was there at the start,working from Firewood park inBelfast.

Girdwoodpark belfast