34 Squadron

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I am trying to locate the following people who I served with in 34 Sqn at waterbeach from 1982-1985. Sean Dungate RE. Ian brown (REME) and Dave Bishop (ACC) I have some very bad news about an old mate of ours and I think they need to know. My wife has been through bookface to no avail. So sending out an message in the hope that someone can shed some light. Thanks, Jim Phillips (jimphillips9708@icloud.com)

trying to find anybody that remembers me,i dont have many photos from that period and my memory is starting to fade, woundering if there is any group or reunions or has the squadron simply dissappeared

Hello Geordie , it's Jim Phillips. I was in 34 from 82-85 1tp. With Mick Hardwick Mac macormac, Sean dungate, graham seabourne. Dave bishop was our chef. Tim Middleton to name but a few. The sqn had just returned from Belize. The we did the Falklands and then our troop went to Kenya. Any joy?

Jim - just waiting for a 'call back' from an ACC pal of mine who may have found your boy Dave Bishop.

Thank you very much for your help. But some how either through yourself or other means Dave bishop contacted me on Wednesday 13 April. I have yet to find out how he found me. Still, thank you again for your time and help in tracking him down. A friend of ours when we served together took his own life a short time ago and I was trying to let as many people as I could know. So thank you again
Jim Phillips

There seems to be no way to show a posting to CE East Africa Command? As I was posted there in 1949 maybe it was to long ago? I also served at the GE Gilgil and Stores Depot in Nairobi.

34 Field Squadron (Air Support). Is this the same Unit? What is the meaning and purpose of the change in the name to "Independant"?

stevie kearns paddy lowry errol ismail(emu) jimmy duffy it would be nice to here from you or anyone else who knew me 1978-1982 tomo 1 troop


Steve Kearns is somewhere in East Anglia as far as I know. I played in the same local football team as him back in the late 80's, last I heard he was in Norwich and Jim Duffy is back up in Scotland (his email is on here)
Cheers Taff

Looking for any1 who was with me 1968-1970 names below may ring a bell
Joe cunningham
Les skinner