Independent Field Troop RE AMF(L)

Although based at 22 Engineer Regiment Perham Down the troop was not part of the Regiment. It was the only independent troop in the British Army.



Bend ze knees ........

Served with AMF(L)Perham Down from 1979 till 1982 had a great time with several trips to norway. all the lads were great could not ask for better.

I served with AMFL at Perham Down as the troop storeman in 1974-76. Went to Norway in winter 1975 on the Galahad. Force 9's all the way. A good troop with great lads and high morale. Did a lot of falling over on skis but on the whole enjoyed Norway. I recognize and can put faces to many of the names on the list of members. Hope they are all well.

Hi Ken, just joined this forum and saw your post, I think I was on that ship with you? Allan (POM)

Hello Allan, Yes I think we were on the same boat. Certainly remember your name but having trouble putting a face to it just now. I'll try to drop you an Email sometime soon.