Formation of CRE LFPG

With the closure of Aden imminent it was decided to set up CRE LFPG in Bahrain. The then CRE (Ops) in Aden in 1967 Lt Col J Reed was appointed to the post of CRE LFPG. I (Ron Beat) was the first Chief Clerk to be appointed and moved from Aden with the CRE in Oct 67 to set up the new office. 2IC, also ex Aden Was Captain Greene Other office staff at that time were Cpl Harry Pace and Lcpl George Hodgeson (ex 10 Sqn Aden). Lcpl (?) David Frost was already serving with Bahrain HQ as a Draughtsman.

The CRE commanded 10 and 63 Sqns based in Sharjah. There was also a Troop of 10 Sqn based on Bahrain