Brigade HQ Barton Stacey

I was known as `Dick` Corporal Carl Dixon.
I`m either going do lally tap or I imagined it but I was definitly Brigadier Marston Tickells driver at Barton Stacey during `68 but I cant find `hq 12 brigade on here??
anyway I would like to hear from anyone else from there including a guy `Rob` who I took over as the commanders driver.



Hi Carl,

I have no way of knowing that HQ 12 Brigade was at Barton Stacey until someone tells me.  I don't have access to any "corps records" or other special knowledge, I simply create what people ask for.  If you can tell me anything about HQ 12 Bridgade, such as how many people were there etc, then I can get it created on the site for you.  Just email me