I first joined HQRE 4 DIV in April 1966 at Alanbrooke Barracks in Paderborn when the unit was the Headquarters of the 4th Divisional Engineers, comprising HQRE; 5 Fd Sqn; 25 Fd Sqn and 44 Fd Pk Sqn.I believe the CO was Lt. Col. Tickell and for certain, the RSM was WO1 B. D. Quick for whom I became driver for a period in 1967.

HQRE was a happy band of chappies made up of drivers, clerks, draughtsmen,storemen and signallers,as well as misplaced combat engineers such as me. Some of the personnel that I am able to bring to mind are as follows:
Neil Izzard (Izzy);Eddie Strengiel (Jock); Frank Sercombe; the late Ron Stroud; the late Fred Caveney; Sgt. Fred Coleman; Tony Sweeney; Mick Ransom; Dave Martin; Taffy Reece; Taff Toomey; Scouse Roberts; Mark Luke; Neil Thompson (Ginge); Brian Naylon; Lou Reynolds; Dave Cook (Cookey); Brian Parry (Scouse); Eric Ridler; Paul Stanyer;? Archer (Archie); Alan Wastell; Bob Tyler; and several others whose faces I can bring to mind but whose names, sadly, I have forgotten.

I was eventually transferred internally to 5 Field Squadron as a junior Section Commander doing what I loved best, i.e. combat engineering as a 'field mouse', although my happiest times were with HQRE.

The whole unit was subsequently re-designated with the title 26 Engineer Regiment and HQRE remained as HQRE 26 Engineers.

Mid 1970 I was on detachment to 4th Division Royal Signals at Herford where we had a small unit of a dozen or so RE's, before being posted back to the UK to 42 Survey Engineers at Barton Stacey near Andover where I met up again with Eddie Strengiel and Eric Ridler.



Hi Tony, I remember your name from HQRE and all of those you mentioned - nice to reflect on those days.

Yes it was a great place to be and I stiil remember all the people you mentioned, when I was posted elsewhere I often wondered what happened to all those mates. As Phil Peet said, my wife and I met him and his wife in Nottingham a couple of years ago and we still stay in contact. I wonder what happened to Paul Stanyer, Mick Ransom, Dave Martin, Mark Luke, ginge Thomson our troop clerk. Take care Terry Watkinson

Hi Tony, I did not recall the name at first, but I am sure I nicknamed you Chigaroo, which you said meant small flea, in Spanish. We had some good times together. I was called Dave Martin, although my first name is Edward.