HQRE 4 div Paderborn

As Iv'e said before I was stationed in Paderborn from October 1966 until 1970 was a drummer in a band there but was then was posted to 1 Div HQ as the HQ draughstman in Verden. Do you remember the camp hairdresser in Paderborn? His name was Mick Jackson and later on when he left (he still lives near paderborn) he became interested in music wrote the song Blame it on the boogie that Michael Jackson recorded, if you utube Mick he is on top of the pops singing it, I contacted him a couple of years ago and he is doing well, he was also on the tv not long ago doing a show about who was the real Mick Jackson and how he wrote and met Michael Jackson in a hotel lift, it's funny how life is.