I was posted to HQRE 4 Div at Paderborn in April 1966, straight from my basic training at 1TRRE Cove. The RSM was WO1 B.D.Quick.We were at Alanbrooke Bks,Elsener Strasse. The other squadrons within our group were 5 Fd Sqn, 25 Fd Sqn and 44 Fd Pk Sqn, HQRE was made up of the CO; 2IC;Adj; RSM; Clerks; Draughtsmen; Drivers; (essentially the overall admin for the entire unit), Our Tp Sgt was a big burly Cornishman by the name of Fred Coleman and we would follow him anywhere. We referred to ourselves as being the 'Treble F's' (Fred's Fighting Force). My first role was that of G1098 Storeman, having chosen the Combat Engineer route in basic training,Within 6 months I was at Church Crookham on driver training (which I hadn't applied for) and 6 weeks later back with HQRE as a qualified driver. Moved from G1098 I became driver of CV1 (1 ton armoured Humber 'pig')and later, for a period, the RSM's driver.I was selected for an NCO's CADRE course, after which I was immediately promoted to L/Cpl and, still within HQRE, became the regimental ration storeman for 6 months. Somewhere in the meantime, 4th Divisional Engineers received the re-designated title of 26 Engineer Regiment, but still consisting of the same mix of Squadrons. I was then posted internally to 1 Troop, 5 Fd Sqn as Junior Section Commander, at last doing combat engineering and therein completed a BII Combat Engineer course very successfully. After a couple of years with 5 Fd Sqn I was posted to a small detachment of RE's to 4 Div Signals at 1 BR Corps, Herford. During this period, 26 Engr Regt moved to Iserlohn, minus 44 Fd Pk Sqn which I believe was moved to Hameln, though I could be wrong. At Herford I was back in a driving role and it was here I was promoted to Cpl. After 6 months at Herford, I was posted to 13 Sqn at 42 Svy Engr Regt Barton Stacey for 12 months, at the end of which I stupidly left the forces after having served only 6 years, to get married. Twenty five years later I became another divorce statistic, and seventeen years later still, remarried (Easter 2013). And guess what, three of my wedding guests whom I had not seen for over 40 years were all ex HQRE 4 Div. I remain within the Corps family as a Life Member and Committee member or the Medway Branch of the REA. As I look back, my happiest days in the Corps was that period I served with HQRE 4 Div.



Some names I recall from my time with HQRE 4 Div:
RSM B. D. Quick
Sgt Fred Coleman
Neil Izzard (Izzy)*(Driver)
Frank Sercombe* (Driver)
Eddie Strengiel (Jock)* (Driver)
Ron Stroud (deceased)(Storeman)
Mick Ransom (Clerk)
Dave Martin (Clerk)
Neil Thomson (Ginge) (Clerk)
Paul Stanier (Draughtsman)
S/Sgt Jack Gardner (Uncle Jack) (Clerk of Works)
Sgt Osborne (replaced Fred Coleman)
Taffy Reece (Regimental Butcher)
Taff Toomey (Driver)
Bob Tyler (Driver)
Mark Luke (Clerk)
'Biff' Burford (Ration Storeman)
Tony Sweeney (Radio Operator)
Mick Hannon (?)
WO1 Guy Yearsley (QMSI Sigs)
Lou Reynolds (?)
Dave Cook (Cooky) (Driver) (Provo staff)
Shields Probet (Clerk or Draughtsman)
Brian Naylon (Bri-nylon)(Driver)
Fred Caveny (Driver)
Dave (Scouse) Roberts (Driver) (Transferred to Lancashire Fusiliers)
(Paddy) Deveny (Driver)
Alan Wastel (Clerk) (still owes me 10DM)

And many more faces pass before my mind's eye but I cannot for the life of me put names to them. Such is the result of passing time. All the above were from the years between 1966 and 1968.Oh happy days.

I have just joined the site great to read about somone who was also there, I was in 4Div HQRE troop, with Dave Martin, Mick Ransom, Paul Stanyer Phil Peet, etc I did my NCO's Cadre also there, I was on the same one as Dave who won the drill stick, I have been trying to find any photos but had no luck do you remember the barber Mick Jackson, well he wrote "blame it on the boogy" that Michael Jackson recorded, I have a good video of him talking about it on my DVD recorder, he still lives in Paderborn I was also a draughtsman there and was a drummer in a band, Ginge Thompson was our troop clerk. All the best to you Terry

Hi Terry, it is me Dave martin, my first name is Edward. It was great reading about all my old pals, we used to have some really good times. Me, yourself Mark Luke, Mick Ransome,

Happy days indeed Tony. However I must say your memory for names far exceeds mine.
I think I can only place about 20% of the people on your list.
Thats what old age does for you

I am searching on behalf of someone who served in the RAF at Christmas Island. He told me that he knew a Royal Engineer who was killed in an accident there, but could not remember his name or unit. He would like to know if he is buried at the arboretum and wishes to pay his respects. Any info would be appreciated.