HQRE Troop

Posted to HQRE 4 Div at Paderborn mid 1966 after transfer from RASC (boys service)/RAOC. Straight to HQRE Troop spending first few months as RSMs Clerk (WO1 Bert Quick) until attending A3 Dtmn (C&S) Course at RSME. On return began working as Regimental Dtman with Paul Stanyer & Terry Watkinson. Attended JNCOs Cadre 1967 and promoted to LCpl i/c drawing Office. Remember most of those mentioned in earlier comments and had the pleasure of meeting up with Terry and his wife a few years ago in Newark!! Unit redesignated 26 Engineer Regiment during mid 1999 with change of roll - support for 20th Armoured brigade - posted to 11 Independent Fd Sqn prior to Regiment moving to Iserlohn.



Hi Phil, I was on my cadre June 1967,I got best at drill. then was posted to 39 engr regt.