TA - 74 Engineer Regiment (Volunteers)

This is a holding page for the regt at the moment until someone can give me some background info and other details to put on here, but in the meantime you can use it to complete your service history and then find other squadron members using the link above.  REgards



I was in 114 field squadron from 1977-80
Thought I'd look up some old friends.
John Mahood Spr

Hi John,

I was I in 272 Field Support Squadron 1977-80 and did the recruit course at Halton Camp in early (Feb?) 1978. Were you on that course? I remember that there were a few NI lads on it but with it being 39 years ago can't recall their names! I've posted a photo of the recruit course under the 74 Engineer Regiment section so you might recognise a few faces.

I also saw your other post about Flensburg in '78, which brought back some memories as I was on that exercise too.


Steve Smith.

Staying in the field camp 1978 Flensburg with 114 squadron
From Belfast. John Mahood

During my time (78-81) the Regiment was organised as follows: RHQ and REME workshop Girdwood Park. 112 Fd Sqn HQ plus one Fd Tp Girdwood Park. 114 Fd Sqn HQ plus one Fd Tp Girdwood Park. 112 also had a troop at Bangor and a troop at Carrickfergus. 114 Also had a troop at Antrim and a Troop plus plant section at Ballymena. 272 Support Sqn was at Bradford. 74 Regiments war role was to be second line engineer support to troops operating in Norway/Sweden.
The regiment was very well supported and trained at Antrim Magilligan,Ballykinler RAF Bishops Court, and West Freugh Scotland, at least twice a month. A lot of ex regulars attended including one Vietnam vet. Regulart staff during my time were : CO Lt Col Dennison, Lt Col Barry Sanderson. RSM Harry Wright/Geoff Baron/ Bob Styche. Adjutant: Jim Mackenzie. QM: Bernard Wady, SQMS
Steve Ewing, Signals: Jedd Lattka, PSI's Tom Downie, Keith Riley, Bob Fullilove, John Hadaway, Norman Barras, Chief Clerk Mick Ransom. One of the best jobs I did in the army, I was left alone to get on with it my way. Trying to run TA in NI during the troubles was not easy. I always felt we did not get the recognition we deserved. If we went anywhere in uniform it was a flak jacket job and I could not get to Girdwood without going through an out of bounds area. (In my blue landrover!)Nevertheless very happy days with a great bunch of guys (And girls, we had a WRAC troop as well!)


Just to let you know that Harry Wright is alive & well.