TA - 106 Sqn

Previously this squadron was only listed as part of TA- 72 Engr, but I have now been told that it has formed part of 72, 73 and 75 Engr Regt at various times so I have created it separately.  If you have any info or history to tell me about, I'd really appreciate it.  REgards Gordon

TA - 272 Sqn (v)

This was the support squadron for 73 Regt I believe?  Let me know if you have any more info on it, please.  REgards, Gordon


TA - 72 Engineer Regt (Volunteers)

72 Engineer Regiment (Volunteers) is currently supporting 21 Engineer Regiment, providing the opportunity for challenging and rewarding operational deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

72 (Tyne Electrical Engineers) Engineer Regiment (Volunteers) reformed in 2006 as a Close Support Royal Engineer Territorial Army Regiment.

The Regiment is formed into 2 Squadrons; 103 Field Squadron (Volunteers) based in Newcastle and Sunderland, 106 Field Squadron (Volunteers) based in Sheffield and Bradford.

Close Support Engineers provide specialist engineer capability to front line troops including such tasks as Demolitions, Bridging, Construction, Water Supply, Field Engineering and Counter Mobility.

Prior to that it was -

72 (Tyne Electrical Engineers) Engineer Regiment (Volunteers)

Formed 1 April 1967 at Gateshead from 50 Northumbrian Division RE (TA).

HQ Squadron at Gateshead. 
103 (1st Newcastle) Field Squadron at Newcastle. 
105 (Durham) Plant Squadron at Gateshead. 
118 (Tees) Field Squadron at Middlesbrough. 
129 (East Riding) Field Squadron at Hull.

1975: 105 Squadron made independent. 
1977: 129 Field Squadron transferred to 73 Engineer Regiment (V). 
Replaced by 106 Field Squadron at Sheffield from 75 Engineer Regiment (V).

1992: 106 Field Squadron transferred to 73 Engineer Regiment (V)
1993: HQ Squadron numbered 233 HQ Squadron.

1 July 1999: Regiment disbanded and reduced to 72 Field Squadron 71 Engineer Regiment. 

TA - 74 Engineer Regiment (Volunteers)

This is a holding page for the regt at the moment until someone can give me some background info and other details to put on here, but in the meantime you can use it to complete your service history and then find other squadron members using the link above.  REgards