16 Para Bde PCCU

16 Indep Para Bde PCCU RE was stationed in Arnhem Barracks Aldershot certainly in the 1965 to 69 period and provided postal support to the whole of 16 Indep Para Bde including such units as 7RHQ, all three Para Battalions, Depot Airborne Forces, 216 Para Sigs, 16 Para Wksps REME and 16 Para Tpt Sqn RCT.

Posted MArch 2014 - 

Just to let you know the unit had actually moved to Bulford from Aldershot prior to me passing ‘P’ coy in '71 and qualifying as a Parachutist RE.  Although I did “pre para” selection in Aldershot with 9th Indep Para Sqn RE, I initially served with the16 Indep Para Bde PCCU RE, who at the time were based in Bulford.  Eventually I transferred to a 9 SQN, and am in touch with the SQN guys thru the AEA etc.

16 Indep Para Bde PCCU RE was a unique little outfit, (and recall there was only actually five or six Para posties serving during my time in Bulford); and I am desperately trying to locate any of them who were at the in "Bulford" at the same time.

Many Thanks


Dave S. Smith

21 Squadron

Apparently this became 21 Postal and Courier Squadron at some point, according to one member.  Anyone got any more info on when this happened?

This is the main page for the squadron or unit. More info will be added here as I get the time, but for now it's a "base" for establishing comms with other members of the same unit. You can post messages for other members of the same unit using the messages link above this blurb, and you can also search for other members of this unit. Once you find them, click on their name to send an email direct to them. Please note that this website doesn't "remember" your emails, they are sent direct from you to the recipient without sappers.co.uk getting in the way. That helps you get in touch quickly and it keeps everything simple and free. Have fun. Gordon

The link to the main EOD website is http://www.royalengineersbombdisposal-eod.org.uk/rea_bd_branch.html

AMF(L) Combat Service Spt Btn

I've added this unit today (Jan 2012) in response to an email from Alfie Costen - the details are below;

Hi Gordon,

I was an old Petroleum Fitter in Bulford but not the AMFL Troop in Tidworth, I was posted as the AMF(L) Combat Service Support Battalion (RLC) Pet Fitter in the Supply Squadron.

This unit although not RE was a Post for RE Pet Fitters. The Btn is now dissolved.

There are quite a few ex RE here at KBR I shall pass the link to the site on to these guys.

Kind Ex REgards


Richard (Alfie) Costen



I'm guessing that this is a Postal and Courier Unit, which is good news as I don't have any info for any of the Postal and Courier postings within the RE.  If you know anything about it, please let me have some background info to put here.  REgards, Gordon



Got contacted by Tony Fox - he said he was posted here so I've added this unit for him.  I know nothing about it other than that.  Any ideas, anyone?

REgards, Gordon