This was the old training regt based in Elgin, so it's not applicable to those from post-1970, I would think


TA - 71 Engineer Regiment


Bob Blakey asked me to put up a link here to his excellent 104 Field Squadron site, and I'm happy to do so.  Feel free to get more information on that squadron there.  http://www.freewebs.com/104fdsqnre/

The role of the Regiment is to provide high quality and motivated military engineers to support regular engineer units on operations.  

The Regiment offers the following trades:  

  • Plant operators
  • Drivers
  • Military communicators
  • Combat engineers
  • Resource specialists

We offer the additional support trades:

  • Vehicle mechanic, recovery mechanic, vehicle electrician and metalsmith with our Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer (REME) detachment  
  • Medic with our Royal Medical Corps (RMC) section 
  • Chefs with our Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) attachment
  • Clerks with our Adjutants General's Corps (AGC) staff

TA - 76 Engineer Regiment (Volunteers)

I was asked to form this unit page on here by David "Dinky" Dallas, his email was as follows;

Could you possibly add 76 Engineer Regiment (V) who were the Scottish sister Regiment of 77 Engr Regt(V). I served with 236 Field Squadron at Kinloss till disbandment in 99. But now reformed at Elgin in 07. 76 Engr formed in 1992 and consisted of 234 Fld Sqn Leeming, 236 Fld Sqn Kinloss, 237 Fld Sqn Lossiemouth, with 277 Fld Sqn later becoming the Hq & Supp Sqn. Now 236 are part of 71 Engr Regt, with 11 Rhq troop at Leuchars( on disbandment 277 became 117 Hq & Supp Sqn with 71 Engr Regt, then Rhq troop 71, now 11 Troop), 102 Fld Sqn Paisley, 124 Field Sqn Cumbernauld. 71 had 72 Fld Sqn Gateshead til 2008 but they returned to be a regt then.