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HQNI inc Engr Branch

I've added this unit today (28th September) on request from Tony Peters, but I know very little about it until someone sends me some more info to put here.


MES (Wks) Northern Ireland

Military Engineering Services (Works) was made up of a PQE, a GE, a dozen or so Clk Wks and a draughtsman. We were split up all over the province and worked directly for the PSA (Property Services Agency) as Technical Officers providing a facilities management and new works service to the military and crown estate. The PQE, GE and draughtsman were based at Harmony Hill, Lisburn. The rest of us had duty stations elsewhere, including Lisburn, Holywood, Antrim, Ballykelly, Omagh, Ballykindler. We all worked as civilians but got together as a Unit every 6 months or so for a days military training .... Just to remind us that we were still in the Army!!

Hope this helps.


-Ian James-


Special Duties

Many of us remember the notices on Part 1 orders, asking for volunteers into research for the common cold.  It was common knowledge that this might not be all that went on at Porton Down.  If you went, there are lots of people who want to hear your story.  Get in touch and I'll pass on the links.  REgards, Gordon


There were other special duties, such as those in Northern Ireland (admin by HQNI in Lisburn) - but we probably don't talk much about that either.