Joint Services Air Trooping Centre

This was a unit based at RAF Hendon apparently.  This information comes from Ron Beat, and if you want to know more you can find him via the member search page.


This Joint Services Unit was responsible for overseeing long distance (NOT BAOR) air trooping by civilian firms (NOT RAF Transport Command).

Passenger lists were compiled by the planning staff at RAF Hendon. Aircraft seating plans were devised by the duty staff daily and members of each shift were at the various air terminals when required ie in the 60s British Eagle International Airways terminal at Knightsbridge, BOAC at Victoria etc etc. Staff were also present at any airport involved ie London Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead and even on one occasion Exeter.

Staff were known as "Movers"

Any armed forces member or family member of a serving Army/Navy/RAF person who was being flown home on "Compassionate" grounds ie death in the family etc and flying in to the UK from overseas by civilian aircraft was always met at the arrival airport and their onward journey home made as easy as possible.

There was a Transit Camp at Hendon for single armd forces members and a hotel for families.

Some scenes of the film "The Dirty Dozen" were filmed at Hendon in the mid 60s.


Ministry of Defence

This is a VERY generic page because there were various postings within the MOD and most were within Whitehall, so I thought that putting MOD as a catch-all would do the job.  Lets face it, anyone looking for you would probably only know "He was based in Whitehall somewhere" so that should be good enough.  Feel free to give me any more info you can to make this page more interesting.  REgards



TA - 101 Engr Regt (EOD) (V)

101 (London) Engineer Regiment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) (Volunteers)

Formed 1 June 1988 to control 4 existing EOD squadrons in London and south-east England. Regimental Headquarters at Catford, London.

HQ Squadron at Catford, London. 
579 EOD Squadron at Dartford; 
583 EOD Squadron at Holloway; 
590 EOD Squadron at Rochester; 
591 EOD Squadron at Chatham.

1 March 1993: Regiment re-organised and squadrons renumbered: 
220 (Searchlight) Field Squadron (EOD) at Acton. Formed by transfer 873 Movement Light Squadron 73 Engineer Regiment (V)
221 Field Squadron (EOD) at Rochester; 
222 Field Squadron (EOD) at Holloway with Troop at Brighton.

1996: HQ Squadron renumbered at 223 HQ Squadron.

1 July 1999: Regiment reorganised. 
223 HQ Squadron at Catford, London; 
217 Field Squadron (EOD) at Islington, London; 
221 Field Squadron (EOD) at Rochester; 
579 Field Squadron (EOD) at Tunbridge Wells with 2 (Surrey Yeomanry) Field Troop at Reigate. 

TA - 217 Sqn (V)

I had an email from Peter Cox, which tells me he runs a great website for you terriers.  Once you've registered your service history on this site, you should pop over and have a look.  You can find all the details here -  - Enjoy it.

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TA - 222 Field Squadron RE

222 Field Squadron RE was part of 101st (London) Enginneer Regiment. The Regimental HQ and two of its four squadrons, 222 Fd Sqn and 223 Fd Park Sqn, were based in the glorious settings of The Duke of York's Headquarters in Kings Road, Chelsea, London SW3. Another squadron, 220 Fd Sqn was at Heston, and the other, 221 Fd Sqn, at Peckham.

There is an excellent website run by Peter Cox which can be found here - which will allow you to catch up with each other there.




TA - 873 Movement Light Squadron (V)

If you were a member of 873 Movement Light Squadron, RE, or its predecessor unit, 873 Movement Light Battery, RA, or are just interested in searchlights used by the British Army either for battlefield ground lighting or in military tattoos, then there is an excellent site for you which can be found here - - just make sure you've added this unit to your service history first.