RAF Coningsby

CRE (Airfields)


This is the temporary introduction page for this unit, until someone gives me some unit history to put on here.  Feel free to use the message boards for the unit though, or to find other service mates from here.  Cheers

TA - 77 Engineer Regiment (Volunteers)

212 Fd Sqn ADR was at RAF Wattisham prior to moving to Brize Norton (Richard Wakem)

Thanks to Ian Tristram for the following -

77 Was formed up from  four ADR squadrons (212,216,218,219) the RHQ was at RAF Honnington in Suffolk  around 1990

Initially the squadrons acted as independent units reporting directly to 12 Bde HQ at Waterbeach as the TA element of the brigade expanded two RHQs(77,78) were stood up 77 essentially being the southern group and 78 the northern group.

Recruiting for the units was two fold , one being from existing TA  members and also an aimed campaign at workers from the construction industry who would have relevant skills required for ADR work, the recruiting was on a national basis so that it was not unusual to find Scottish plant op in a southern squadron and a southern sparkie in a northern unit . The units were a sort of halfway between independent and sponsored TA with weekends and camp but no drill nights due to the geographical spread of the members

216 was recruited from 1982 thru to 1984 initially based at Waterbeach under 12 Bde, in 1984 they were moved to RAF Marham as the resident ADR unit.

218 was recruited from some pers left over from the formation of 216 and thru to 1986 ,again based at Waterbeach thence moving to RAF Honnington

219 was recruited from 1985 thru to 1988 based at Waterbeach  then moving to RAF Conningsby

212 was recruited during the same period as 219 at Waterbeach before moving to RAF Wattisham

In the early ninties RAF Wattisham was closed as an RAF station and 212 almagamated with 218 and remained based at RAF Honnington.


Subsequently RAF Honnington closed to flying , but remained an RAF Station , 218 was moved to RAF Brize Norton