46 Squadron

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Air Troop

This info came from Roger Smart - 

When I was serving with 25 Squadron in Paderborn which was part of 4th Divisional Engineers in 1967 I was seconded to a new unit, an Air Troop which was formed consisting of two Sioux Light Observational Helicopters and support vehicles. There were just eight personnel, two pilots both RE an officer and S/Sgt. The remaining personnel were a Cpl and two Sappers, (I was one of those Sappers) and three REME aircraft techs two L/Cpls and a WO2. We were stationed in Sennelager and provided aerial observational support for 4 Div Engineers and 20 Armoured Brigade Group.


ETAT (Engineer Training and Advisory Team)

Dave Urmson told me about this unit today (Aug 2013) so I have just added it.  I don't have any other information about the team to put here, but if you know something about it then please email me ( and I'll put it on this page for everyone to see and enjoy.




Range Control EOD

Something of a cushy posting, I would guess.  Who would you report to on a daily basis?  Was there ever any evening duties?