10 Squadron

10 Field Squadron was raised in 1811 as the 5th Coy of 1st Bn at Woolwich, seeing service in Malta and Corfu. It was re-titled 10 Coy in 1819 serving in many places around the world including The Kaffir War of 1846, Crimea, China War 1858 and the Abyssinia Campaign in 1867. It was then re-designated a Railway Company in 1885 serving in the Boer War, Sudan and both World Wars. In 1956 the Sqn was sent to Singapore and again re-designated this time as a Port Squadron and disbanded in 1964.

In Nov 64 it was re-formed as 10 Field Squadron (Airfields) and moved to Aden/Gulf remaining there until 1969. Between 1969 and 1973 N. Ireland and British Honduras took up most of the squadrons manpower. From 1973 the unit returned to supporting the RAF in the Harrier Support role until it was disbanded in 1993 having been stationed in both Laarbruch and Gutersloh.

The Strategic Defence Review (SDR) recognised the request from the RAF for more Royal Engineer support during operations. It agreed to the formation of 2 further Engineer Field Squadrons to support the RAF. All RAF stations where requested to look at their real estate with the view to housing an Air Support Squadron. With the demise of 234 Fd Sqn (Air Sp) (V), Leeming had an area. 2 years of planning and 12 months construction sees 10 Field Squadron located at the south-west corner of the station.

As Royal Engineers we are expected to be a Soldiers first, secondly a Combat Engineers and finally a Tradesmen. Each member of the Squadron has a trade, the range of trades is diverse, from Driver to Draughtsman and from Storeman to Surveyor.

The Squadron will have an all up strength of 172 with the capability to move as an independent unit anywhere in the world in support of the RAF. Possible tasks on deployment could be:

  • Design and construction of living accommodation.
  • Runway repair.
  • Aircraft Accommodation.
  • Construction of Fuel farms.
  • Water Supply
  • Demolitions.
  • Mine clearance.

These are only a few of the varied capabilities of the unit.

63 Squadron

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73 Squadron

Received this from Brian Batty - 

The whole of 36 Corps Engineer Regiment (‘Corps’ was part of the Regiment’s title since it was under the direct command of the 1 (BR) Corps Commander and, thus, Corps Troops) was on Christmas Island, Pacific Ocean, during the period 1957-9 (literally at the end of the Operation Grapple X, Y & Z series atomic bomb tests), having left a rear party only in Maidstone.   When 36 Regt left the island, 73 (Christmas Island) Squadron RE was formed and its remit was to maintain the complete infrastructure in an operational state – the island continued, for some years, to be of strategic importance as a refuelling base.

Early in 1962, 73 squadron’s strength was significantly increased to provide assistance to America for Operation Brigadoon which was 21x H Bomb tests, during 1962-3.  I served with 73 Squadron from Feb 62 to Mar 63.