42 Squadron

Message received from Derek Male October 16th 2011 - 

I have found that it is very hard to find any of the old Lads now, Some may have Emigrated like myself, some may have passed on, and some may be thinking that all this new technology  is way over their Heads, and would sooner just sit in the Armchair, I have been Lucky enough to find 3 People from that time 3 Sappers and a M.P. I may pass on your Address to the Sappers I know to see if they can get themselves Registered,  This is my History in the Corps, and the parts I could not put on the Site,

in 1952 I became  22806352 Sapper Male D. R. And was Told to report to   Malvern at 1 TRRE, I did my Induction there for 2 Weeks, then I Was Sent to Crickhowell, near Abergavenny, South Wales, and Joined 39 Corps Engineer Regiment, and was put in # 8 Party, for the 6 Weeks Basic Training, when that was Completed I was sent up to the North of Scotland at Elgin, and Joined # 8 TRRE, for the 10 Weeks  Field Engineer Training, when that was Finished, I was Sent out to the Suez Canal Zone, MELF 15 and Joined 35 Corps Engineer Regiment, and was Put in 8 Troop, 42 Field Squadron the Camp was named Minden Camp and was based at Fayid, after about 18 Months there, in 1954 when everyone had to come out of the Suez Canal Zone for political reasons, I moved with the Regiment to Cyprus, and we were Based at Polimedia Camp Limasol, From there all the Squadrons, 16 Sqn, 30 Sqn, 42 Sqn, and 18 Fld Park where all Deployed on Building Works, to Provide the New GHQ Middle East a new home from Moving from Egypt, In 42 Sqn, I was involved in Building a 22 Mile long Water pipeline from up in the Troodos Mountains down to the Site of the New GHQ,

This was built on Time in spite of the constant Harassment from the EOKA Terrorists, In 1955 I left for the UK and Was Demobed from Barton Stacy,  If you have a Look at my Profile on Forces Reunited, You will find my History and Photo's on there,

So I think I will give it a Go on your Site, as you suggest, and I'll see how I get on, Thanks for the Info,

                                     Cheers, REgards, Derek,  


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