66 Plant Squadron ( Probably the Greatest Squadron of All)

Hi guys. Any ex Planties serving in 66 prior to its Disbanding, the Best of All Times. Get in touch. I would like to hear from you. I was in 1 Troop, Run by the Mayor of Brighton ( Tom Wye ) and the Late, Great sadly lamented Mick Dunn.

REgards to you all. Dave the Rave



Hi Dave Ken Walton here I was there until just before the disbanding infact I was in the Q.M's staff for Disposal at the start of the disbanding. KEN

Hello Ken.
Nice to hear from you. Me and my mates in 66 had probably sold most of the stuff you were supposed to account for, by the time the Squadrdon ceased trading. LOL.!!!Are you in contact with any other guys.
I send stuff to Baz Radley, remember him, he was a Scammel Driver. You can get me on "ubique66@live.co.uk"
Hope to hear from you.
REgards Dave the Rave

Hi Dave
Hope you are well. Barry Radley - take a look at the 12 RSME pictures - I posted some TOW and I think this is the same person.
REgards...Geordie p.s Still not got a hold of your Stewart !

Hi Geordie.
Stuart has some real drink problems at present. He lives in a place called Poolsbrook near the M1 at J29A. Have not seen him for some years, I believe hes on the dole living in a Halfway House there. Its a shame but its his own fault, the Demon drink.

REgards Dave the Rave

Maybe you always remember your first unit as best but there is no 2 ways about it 66 was the place to learn your trade. As a new plantie I learn't more from people like Olly Ollyot, Dave Davies and of course Arry ( this is a good bit of shit La ) Hayward, "after", my plant course. I would be gratefull if anyone has photos of the Oykel Bridge project if they could post some on the site so I can take them up to Rosehall as somje of the locals would like to see them. Also if anyone has the newspaper cuttings when we threw the Troop Commander in the river

Hi, wow some memories here especially with Olly Ollyot and Dave Davies. I joined the Sqn in June 73 Just in time to be whisked off to Canada for 3 months. I do have some Photo's of the Oykel job but only 2 of em includes the bridge and got 4 of the D6 that flipped over.

Hi Dave I sort of remember you, I was in Sp Tp, Frank Conroys driver, then out to Kenya with 2 Tp, then Wksp & G10 etc. Did you play Basketball? Remember Ginge Radley crashing his car on the way to Liphook, Frank Pinsent being hit by the NCK jib and being killed.
Paul I was at Oykell attached to 1 Tp, I welded that plauge on the bridge, have some photo's somewhere, but may take me a while to find them.Happy days Longmoor selling scrap and other removable items, good Sqn bar, always open.As a welder got some great cabbies only regret an refused my HGV, track and roller licenses. Happy days

Yes I remember both, Dave If I remember rightly it was Pincent Way at Worcop that was the main job and we have met since possibly at a funeral or a 272 function. There is a 272 reunion on 30th June at the Old Railway Club, Wakefield Road, Bradford, £5 including buffet. Eddie Erskine is coming from Cornwall and there will be a couple of old PSI's. STEVE I remember you but you must have been skiving at some point because I had to bring my civvie skills into play when someone hit the abutments falsework with a truck and weld the bailey panels holding it together. Good times but ocassionaly sad ones. If you remember I lived in the flats right across from the bar with just the grass between them. were you there when Olly was asked to bring a bit of manure from a job in Portsmouth and dumped a Barford loadfull between us? I am ambulance crew now so funny shifts, will keep an eye on site to keep in touch.

Yeah Paul I remember you, ex bus driver if I'm correct. You lived near Tich .... REME guy.
Do you remember my mate Geordie Dunning, Scammell OP. Sadly passed away a couple of years ago now. Good nights in the Sqn bar, never closed.

Yes thats me I think the name and nickname gives it away and yes I remember Geordie and there was a Cpl Harry McCann.

I remember my first night in the bar, do you remember Stu Martin a tall thin guy used to drink for England, he fell off his buffet and I went to pick him up but he said it was ok as he managed to climb back on it. He said " You will know when I am pissed and have had enough, I wont be able to get back up again"!

I think you were in Canada when I arrived at the squadron almost straight from the factory with no trade, I helped exchange all the plant while they were out there driving between Donnington and Ashchurch as I had driven Tank transporters with the TA RCT. When Frank Conroy got back he went ballistic and said I was not to drive the Scammells again as I was not a Driver Spec RE. A few weeks later he sent the Orderly Dog round to tell me to get the Scammell Wrecker and bring in a 20ton trailer with a D6 on from a vehicle that had been recovered. I tried to explain to the Orderly Dog but he said I was to obey the last command given, I ended up with a bollocking from the O.C. for arguing with the Orderly Dog

You must have had Tom (the Dog Wye) as MPF and we had Harry Hayward. Were you there for the Glasgow Dustmans strike, I can't rememebr whether that was before or after Oykel.

I will dig some 66 photos out and post them on the site.



Hay up Paul.
Great to hear from you. Nice to know about the reunion at Bradford,I will put it in the Diary.Sadly there will be no Mick Dunne.!!!nI took over from him at Bradford and lived in his house when he went to BAOR. A really great Sapper, and well loved by all at 272, and of course 66, he was my troop Sgt in 1 Troop. Tom Wye was i believe Lord Mayor of Brighton at some time, his home town I believe.!!! You had the aesy Job at 272, you actually had a barracks. I got there just after some body burnt the old place down. We ran the Sqn from 3 Portakabins. But really great times.
Keep in touch use my e-mail address.
REgards Dave the Rave

Hi Dave the Rave, well long time indeed. Chic CAMERON here, 66 from 75-78 just before she was disbanded. Joined the Squadron from 64 having been bust for the second time and ended up in a plant Squadron as a Combat Engineer. Gained all my licences there, Scammel OP, with Chad Marccak, John Dunning and many others, sad to hear John no longer with us, or come to that Mick Dunne. I was with Tom the Dog at at Warcop. Went to Inverness with the Squadron and the bridge at Oykel. The fire strike at Aldershot. Olly O;;yot was the green goddess driver. There was Chris Willie, Harry McCann the Mechanical Man. Frank Conroy Tp Commander, made me up again and I drove him home the night of his farewell. Jim Merrett was the MT Sgt. Paddy Johnson the MT Cpl. Of course the death of poor Frank Pinsett. Many good memories and very few not so good. It was a great Squadron and many nice people. Left went to Germany again and believe I ran into you there Dave again.
Finished up as Sgt Major Bomb Dispoal and retired again last year after 20 years with Kent Police. Hope this finds you well and good luck to all of you.

Hi all
Smudge here, I was on the oykel job if I remember rightly it was ginge nicholson who flipped the d6 over, I remember Steve Watson repairing the a civvy landrover because we got caught hanging fishing lines off the temperary bridge and catching salmon, I remember Blakey , chic Cameron,, olly , mick Dunn ,Tom wye , scouse Hayward , bill Riley , dave Davis , the Roy brothers , to be honest it's a wonder I can remember anyone after all the ale we used to supp, I also had a brother there Malc smith

Nice to read the mesages, Big daft olly and my self see each other quite often. we both would love to attend any get togethers
Regards Dave Davey

trying to track down Jonny King any clues


Dave Davey and Oly Olyett

HiPaul i was talking to Olly and your name came up, if you would like to contact leave a message. was your partner at the time called Sandy
Dave Davey and Olly

Hi guys
a little late in replying but fairly busy at the moment and not keeping up with sites. Yes it was Sandy, we did split but she now has my daughters old flat on the same landing as me!! I am now with the ambulance service so still in uniform. My last posting was as PSI with 272 TA in Bradford where nearly all the plant psi's were ex 66 and a great one it was and I still see alot of the lads. However if anyone asks which was the best squadron I would have to say 66, wacky, sociable but professional. I have great memories but Olly and that dump truck full of shit when we just asked for a bit for the gardens that he dumped between our quarters and the squadron bar must take the biscuit. Great to hear from you both.

Just found this site and it was good to see some familiar names. I was at Longmoor from 1973 until posted to 31 Armd Sqn Osnabruck in 1976. I have a lot of good memories from Longmoor particularly of Ex Waterleap in Canada and in 1975 when 2 Troop were attached to 59 Sqn in Kenya.

Only with sqn for a year remember Tom the dog, Mick Dunn, Dave the Rave, Ken Smith, Brian Hobkirk, Frank Pinsent RIP,did Warcop range job Harry Hayward, met him again in 82 with 3 sqn on FI. Did my hgv 2 straight from Germany and managed 1/2 on wrong side of road before realising. Sqn bar was epic from what i remember. quick question what was the sqn emblem, seem to remember a loco or motorised scraper.
Bob Llanelly

Hi Bob,
Simon Pearce here, 2 Troop 75 - 77. Cannot remember the squadron emblem but the bar sold a blue sweatshirt whilst I was there. On front it had 'II TROOP' then a side outline of a Cat 632, then '66 PLANT SQUADRON RE'. Got a photo of me wearing mine. Squadron bar was good but I hung out in the Green Dragon, Liphook. How we got away with drinking and driving heaven knows. Regards Simon

To all x members of the Sqn happy festive season, get drunk
From Sandy, Dave Davey and big olly o

Hi Malcolm (Ginge) Booth here, I was in 66 plant Sqn from late 72 till early 76. I was sent to recover Ginge Radleys belongings from his wrecked car after his accident, Anybody who remebers me please contact me via sappers.co.uk

Hi ginge
I remember you ,I bought ginge Radleys orange beetle off him ,he is from Doncaster like me, made a right mess of his face in that crash, but then again some say it made him better looking,I ran the squadron bar for a while, what I can remember of it! , I remember Olly falling flat on his back smashing a table in two on one of his sessions, good old days-------smudge

There from Singapore to Kenya. Month disembarkation from baor and told if I had reported a week earlier I would be off to Singapore. Then I went back to Germany at the end of the tour one month before Kenya finished so missed that too. Did Canada, Wales, cleaned Bradford for theopening but missed the actual construction. Dug holes in Salsbury plain to bury the old camp.

Auto correct again, Broadford, , Skye. Don't think even 66 could clean up that other place.

Broadford Skye was a good time only bar open on a sunday. sp lots of girls there. you may remember me John Charlton Cpl. the one who turned over the undertakers car trying to get two girls back to the ferry in time for last boat. Allso went to Canada on Ex Waterleap. Did the bar in the canadains camp for the final do before we left. Left Army in 1975 and went to work for Libian airforce for ten years, then spent 5 years in Suadi Arabia on roads and airfields.

Yes I remember but the memory for names is not my strong suit. Some good picture available on line. Great memories of the idiotic things we got up to. D6 and grader building the buts at Bisley. Couple took the quick road down. Dozing peat on the Brecon Beacons still drunk from the Barley Mo in Builth Wells. Watching the royal honorable artillery company firing tank shell at two thousand a pop, pay for your own. PM Ted Heath was a l/cpl in it. Good days. Got married in Longmoor Church, Trib was my best man after Brian Hovey ended up in hospital. Marriage survived, 40 years in April.

Hi John. Only been a member here for a short while and noticed your old post about the overturned car on Skye. I was on the project mid-late '71 (and handover reception at the Kings Arms Kyleakin)The Old School billet is the 'Red Skye' restaurant now and I've been back this year to sample the menu! Good food but not a can of Tennants, or the Guiness pump in sight (disappointingly, the ring-pull chains have disappeared as well! Great Sunday nights p**s up's in the club. Duty truck early bird pick-up's from Kyelakin during the week, just in time for breakfast!! (no need to mention why we were still there!) I remember a car being turned over one night and presume it's the one you mentioned. I don't remember any names as it's 52 years ago, but faces, events and places are fondly remembered. I have lots to say about the place and during this year's visit to the airfield I met members of the local flying club(microlights) who kindly gave me a half-hour flight around the area. Fabulous times, but those perishing midges were a bloody nightmare at times. Happy to chat anytime.

went to Canada, Malawi, Oykel and I believe Bisley ranges last I cant believe the locals in Canada were told not to drink with us, I wonder why? I remember crates in culverts to keep cool! but not years and names I was the idiot on the mobile winch (D4) trying to keep out of the way? Olly was on the grader, D7s kept shedding rubbish tracks had to go round or bury one I have a couple of rubbish photos of Malawi and others somewhere I will try and put up if I can work out how, Anyone know how Sparra and Geordy are?

Just adding a couple of photos circa 73-77

Hi Blakey,Chris Ellis,Dave the Rave and any one who reads this. Olly and my self get together 3/4 times a year.would any of you guys or any one be interested in getting together if I try to organise some thing next year. Any one who is interested send your comments and area were you live to davedaveywarden@hotmail.com

Hi Folks, Harry (Hendry) McCann here. Just joined the site and it looks like I have been missing a lot. Nice to see some people remember me. I used to have the Scammel section under my wing and I had a great group of drivers, they were the best. I had just re-enlisted and arrived at the Squadron on the Monday and was in Canada on the Thursday, didn't know I was going, much to the then wife's disgust. Had a great time though. Pernod was banned from the bar as it was sending some of the guys loopy. Sorry to here about George Dunning and Mick Dunn. We were running the tippers back and forth with "Jacko Jackson and Tom Wye. The tailboards on the tippers kept getting broken and I assisted the REME welder repairing them. (I was a welder in the shipyard previously and had a bit more experience than he did). I remember Roger Mayes "burning the candle at both ends", he would do a days work go out drinking all night, turn up just before parade and do another days work. Only sleep he got was when his truck was getting loaded. I left the Army in 1987 after running the Station Officers Mess (LSL) at Soest. Joined Naafi as a Club Manager (also Vending engineer) in Germany, returned to Uk and got re-married and I am now fully retired and living in Berwick upon Tweed. Regards to all who know me and especially those who mentioned me.

Kieth Jackson was my MPF in Germany, then followed me to 66. I spent most of the canada job on the big kamatsu dozing the hill over. Was good times. Wish I could remember the big lads name. 6ft5 or 6" married a Canadian girl Claude. She was about 4'11".

Kieth Jackson was my MPF in Germany, then followed me to 66. I spent most of the canada job on the big kamatsu dozing the hill over. Was good times. Wish I could remember the big lads name. 6ft5 or 6" married a Canadian girl Claude. She was about 4'11".

Have not heard from any way ref get together 2014, I will try once again. On a separate issue does any one have the were abouts of Jonny King or is army number. So I could trace him.

Hi guys, my story is not from the end of 66..but from its formation. I was originally posted to Southern Command Plant Troop and then they amalgamated all 4 - north, south, east and west and called it 66 Plant Sqn. I remember being in both plant and MT a Captain Smith springs to mind. I was also the Regimental minibus driver and relief staff car driver. I remember we had a newly trained plant/op posted in who was a full corporal, we were sending stuff up to the Isle of Skye and cos of his rank he was detailed to drive a brand new motorised scraper from longmoor to marchwood. The police pulled him over into a layby about a mile outside Petersfield because he had had 11 [yes eleven] accidents without stopping, 7 of them on camp before he hit the road.I am also keen to get hold of Michael [mick] Heron. He was my best mate and lived in the same M Q block as me, he came from Brixton in London and I sadly lost track of him when I was posted to 65 Corps Spt Sqn in Hameln. There was also a story about one of the 'ladies' that worked in the cookhouse. Evidently she had only ever made love twice in her life.....once to the RE Railway Regiment and once to a visiting battery of artillery..lol. Had some good times there Keep living the life
Bob Parker

Hi bob
I think the guys name was Shane. We got a progress report from the trucks etc he hit on the way to matchwood they were sending it to Skye. I was there on a grader. Probably the worst grader operator bit still had a good time I was there with mick knight ( I think ibis first name was mick. He lived near Bournemouth my mate there was mock sharp ( flash) tried to find him. But no luck. Best regards. Graham

Its still standing and still in tip top condition wife and I had a trip up there a few years back and met the farmers son who was a little lad when we built it.never forget the the shit pit at the bottom of the hill and the bucket run to empty the crappers

Hi Steve(joe)Cocker here I was the sqdn chippy at oykel bridge site.I was there on the advance party to set up the camp I also worked on the shuttering for the bridge foundations unfortunately I was taken ill before the end of the job and returned to longmoor,i am in contact with Mick Green and Martin Croft

Hi everyone, Alan Collins here, I don't know if anyone will remember me. I joined 1 Troop, 66 Plant Sqn straight from basic training in 1972 and left in '77 just before the Sqn was disbanded. I was on the road build in Malawi in '74, Oykel Bridge '75 and many trips to Bisley Ranges rebuilding the butts. I was press ganged by Tom Wye into playing rugby, as I recall we lost more matches than we won but the after game booze up in the Sqn bar was brilliant. Seen a couple of names on here that I recognise, John (Sparra)Farrow and Mike Bunczuk. Struggling now to remember other names. Regards to any who remember me. Alan

Must have played with you, Alan. Same scenario. Played basket ball, fell out with the SSM who ran the team. Told I would never play regimental sports again, Tom recruited me next day. Remember a match where we beat Bordon Reme. We did. Word went to RAF Regt we beat The Reme. Truth was we beat REME fourth team. The cream of Reme rugby went to Bordon. Raf fielded their first team. You had to do 100 yds in under 11secs to get in. Tackle him. Who, that spec in the distance. Ran out something like 97-3 Piss up first class afterwards.

Hi,Taff Price here. Does anybody know the whereabouts of Bill Riley please? We were in the same troop and we played together for the Sqn ,and I vaguely remember us playing in an inter -regiment tournment at the old airfields regt.

Hi Tam Petrie here, just been reading all the comments about the old days great memories, my wife and I visited the Oykel Bridge last year and bumped into the local bailiff, the bridge is in good shape still, surprisingly considering the amount of alcohol consumed during the trip. The hotel is now owned by the geezer that owns Harrods. I remember Smudge, Bob Parker, Chic Cameron, Bill Riley, also the infamous night of the car wreck, we were all drinking in the Sqdn bar. Other memories are of drunken nights at the Liphook Social Club which we got to in an old Morris Traveller that I once owned, I now live in the USA, in Pennsylvania, I can be contacted at tpetrie540@gmail.com and would love to hear from anyone whose memory is still intact lol

Hi My name is Andrew Ferguson and my father then a Major(QM) was OC SCPT and formed 66 Plant Sqdn in Longmoor which was then the largest Sapper Plant formation in the British Army. My father joined the British Army in 1931 as a Boy soldier at the Army Apprentices School in Chepstow before bering posted to 54 Field Company at Tidworth then by the time war came in 1939 he was with the 1st Searchlight Regiment RE as a Sergeant. After Dunkirk ke was posted as RSM to 540 Corps Field Park forming in Ottery St Mary, then went to North Africa as part of 30 Corps. He was commissioned in the field at the Battle of Alamein finally being confirmed in Ismailia in 1943. After North Africa he went to the E&M Deport in Lahore in India, before becoming OC 76 Armoured Engr Troop in Bath in 1945 demininfg all the south coast beaches. He was then sent to BAOR for 7 years, coming back to the UK to Command SCPT, then going onto RSME as the Semior Instructor Plant at RSME Wainscot. He launched the Military Plant Forman role and all Training material. After 66 Plant Sqdn he went to Sharjah as OC 63 Field Park Sqdn and Chief Engineer Middle East Plant Advisor, then to 255 MCPG in Willich as a Lt Col, before his final posting at SO1 NATO Plans at 3 Division HQ in Tidworth. He then retired as Deputy OC RE Bridging Camp Wyke Regis for another 12 years. He died in 2000 aged 83.

Hi folks, I've just returned from a driving holiday in Scotalnd and have posted a few pics of Oykel Bridge as it is today....

hi im just trying to find some of dads old mates he served 66 sqd in the 70s based all over and in hameln germany his was john dunning went by the nickname geordie had a tash lol i know one of his good frinds called steve watson and a scottish guy called jim you all served at longmoore before it closed mums called rita

I remember John Dunning and Rita , Rita was from near Barnsley, great couple, we were in 66 plant squadron in Longmoor we both went on the Oykel job up in the back of beyond, I went up there last year took ages to find the bridge as after 40 odd years it’s all changed,
smudge smith from Donny

sorry 66 sqd not 6th

Hi guys Steve Price here if any of the sappers working on Broadford Airstrip remember me. I was attached to 66 Plant Sqdn based in Ellington Banks billeted at Ripon Camp from 1969 through to 1972 then moved to Longmoor from 1972 until my demob 1973. I took a trip to Skye to visit the strip and take a few pics -well its still in good shape and being used. I was in charge of the drilling and blasting on the project. What a great time we had on the Skye airstrip project -what a motley bunch of great guys. Well I have been in the USA for 30 years returned to the UK 2019 now living in Berwick upon tweed and enjoying retirement. If any of the team is still around love to hear from you. Also come to think of it we also did a road project in Avemore. I did a 9 month stint in Thailand 1968 STRE water well drilling team if any of those guys are still around.