48 Field Squadron [construction]

Hello you old ADR boys greetings from an old mate paul gilbert mt then 1 troop,where are you all Big nose bob drew,gaz,nobbyclark,biscuit,swanny,spanner,mincer millard ned kelly skins bill brownlee jonesy,kenny mason, tam,spence,leader the sqms,george,big sam,wally g,ginge the clerk,scouse hampton,phil,spike goode,wolfie,ady, and not forgetting chervais the boss please get in touch would be a laugh to arrange a reunion.Regards all Paul Gilbert



looks like the rest of the Squadron have died,except Neil Butcher (corp)
Keith Parnell and Brian Wareham. I have spoken to these ex-members in
the past two years.Sorry to say that I was at Bobby (paddy) Walls funeral
within the past 2 years as well.
Would love to have a re-union but getting in touch with ex-members could be a
problem. Hope to hear from you soon ,Harry Doran

Paul, you still alive!!

Gaz Walker here, still in, RQMS 1 MI BN Elmpt ( former RAF Bruggen), LSL.
last saw Bob D in 65 CSS back in 93
Col Willows made QM, now a school bursa I believe
Tony King (ginge) is/was a Maj AGC, saw 2 years ago at the Army V Navy
Not seen or heard of anyone else since those days. Just looking on the wall of an old photo of us in Belize 86. It's a black and white one of the whole Sqn, bizarrely I have 2. If you don't have it I'd be happy to send you a copy mate.

Gaz, hello mate, Hope you are keeping well, we need a weekend in San Pedro again.

Hello Gaz,i lost contact due to being hacked and had to change email address etc.
I'm still in Guildford and if you fancy a meet up it would be gegreat to see some old faces.
Give me a call non 07747644905 or email ubiquesapper01@gmail.com

Would love it mate.