Anywhere in Brunei

There aren't that many people who served in Brunei, so it seemed to make sense to put this as a single unit so everyone who served in Brunei can register it as part of their service history.

HQ Brunei Garrison supported a battalion of Ghurkha Rifles (in my time 6th Ghurkha Rifles followed by 1st/2nd Queen Elizabeth Ghurkha Rifles) plus a full complement of support units and the Jungle Warfare Training School (part of SAS selection plus Infantry jungle training for Army and Marines).  John Cox



There was also a bunch of us that went on loan service to the Royal Brunei Armed Forces. We were split up all over the place along with RN, RAF, REME, AAC, Sigs, RAMC and others I can't remember at Berakas, Muara, Tutong, Penanjong and Bolkiah.

84 Survey Squadron sent a detachment to Brunei in December 1962 to set up a Map Depot and was still there in 1966 at end of the Confrontation.