Photo Ady Barber "Burr Salute"

From Ady Barber,
Who took that photo, and who put it there, would like to know.
Get in touch, will you ?????



Hi Ady- I've had a look and the pic was submitted by Phillip Barber - you'll find him in the member search field.

REgards, Gordon

Hi, Ady, you may not remember me ,i drove E13C apc, geordie mason, i took that photo at 3 troop hanger in nienburg ,i have others of you with steve coward ,los dent.

Yes of course I remember you mate, how are ?? I'm fine living in Nottingham.are you on any of the other sapper sites? I'm on most of them, good to hear from you. Loz we are in touch with each other on the I'M A SAPPER I'M UBIQUE site plus lots of other guys we know, There is also the 1st fd sqn site, get on them sites, if you not already mate, and yes I would like to see the other photo's you have, Steve Coward now that's a name from the past.. I left 1st Fd in 75. went to 8 sqn in Tidders 1980 back to Nienburg 45 sp sqn, Finally left the badge in 1983, after nearly 13 yrs, now living in Notts, working as a Warehouse Supervisor with 12 months left to retirement, can't wait for that. What about you mate, what are you up to these days ??? Good to hear from you pal lets keep in touch, hope to hear from you soon.....Ady