1 Engineering Stores Depot

I only heard about this unit today (Jan 2012) from John "Wally" Warren, so my apologies for not adding it before.  If you've got any memories or photos of the place, here's the unit to add them to.  REgards, Gordon

According to Wally -  


From memory, it WAS a Engineering Stores Depot.

Holding everything from Pontoon's, Bailey's, Hafbe's, Lafbe's, Petter Engine's etc etc. Down to the smaller stuff.

It was approx 9 Sq. Miles in area, and had its own Railway sidings and Engine's. 

It had Training Dog Handling unit, along with us guys, who were in classrooms learning how to type, and undertake clerical tasks, appertaining to all Store requirements.


I do recall that Guard Picket Duty was a long, long walk around the allocated part of this large site.

Direct from my stint at this Depot, I was sent via Barton Stacey to Iserlohn.

I dropped some of my kit in the Barracks, and was whisked away to Hameln the same day, where I started my job as a Store man in a mock River Crossing under fire.

Straight in the deep end......



Posted to 1ESD December 1958 for trade training. Gained the 'superior' grade as Clerk Technical. Took a permanent posting here as I could play the church organ and they offered me an extra 2/6 a week. (couldn't refuse could I)
Did a cadre course to raise to the high rank of Lance Corporal.
Worked in the Resources Office as a draughtsman and Depot Plant allocation manager.
I remember that there was a Squadron of Chunky Pineapples (Pioneer Corps) stationed here who used to cause some laughs when they had a few bevies of a Friday night.
Life was pretty easy, with two 48 hr passes, one 36 hr pass and one training weekend per month.
Summer evenings walking to pubs in Upper Quinton was very civilised.
Having said all this, I wish I had taken the posting to Germany.
Any one out there who was at Long Marston at this time?

I was there 10 years after. But your comment subject above raised a smile
While playing football for CEP against the RPC company it was the only time I knew a player to be sent off from them for being drunk !!!!

1960-62 most of my time was in Resourses drawing office.Our 'chief' was a WO Cooper MBE,strict but fair.As a Sapper I spent some time distributing the plant around the camp as well as draughting for the bridging equipment positions in the sheds.Met and married my 1st. wife (she worked there as a civi) at Long Marston church.Happy days!

I was posted to 1 ESD in March 1968 and departed in 1972. During this time if my memory serves me correctly the unit became Central Engineer Park ((CEP) and 31 Workshop Squadron RE was formed within it.

As it was known when I was posted their in 1963 to 35 Stores Squadron.The SSM was Phil Bickerstaff and the RSM was Ron Jury,he had served with the Ghurkas. I was his clerk for a while(had the longest hair on camp)and the stories he told me were fascinating.
Western Command Plant Troop were billeted there and a Company of Chunkies.Most of the civilian males on site were poles from the 2nd world war who could not return home.They had accommodation and their own club on site.After a while I became an instructor in the Engineer Resource Training Wing.ERTW as it was known.There was a well boring team on site,what a motley crew,but great blokes.I can remember,Mickey Slinn,Scouse Diable and Sgt Fisher.Once a year we paraded through Stratford on Avon,drums beating,flags flying, bayonets fixed,exercising our right to the freedom of the borough.
Happy memories of The Gay Dog,and Masons Arms and 1 ESD&W.
Got posted to Aden in 66 joined 63 MELF Park Squadron.

Remember the trip to aden with you||young and green then,went to 523 STRE.

From 1 TRRE I was posted here and ended up in the workshops welding and blacksmiths section. Had a great time here, Stratford and Evesham all within striking distance for a night out on the bevy, Stratford being the easier of the two. I vividly remember the fogs that plagued the road back to long Marsden, they were not only thick as soup but very patchy. The local village Quinton was also a frequent watering hole in the week for a quick pint.