Bob Tidey

Any one out there that remembers me I was one of the old 212 boys.


Bob, Not much with names I'm afraid but I would probably remember your face. I was with the Sqn from Feb 1988 until I left to join the Regulars in Jan 90. Returned to Wattisham with the Army Air Corps and remained there until I retired as RSM there in 2014. Since then I've been back in the Reserves and work at Wattisham so it's very familiar turf.

I have set up a facebook page (@WattishamSappers or search for 212 Fd Sqn ADR) with the hope that enough veterans can provide enough information to document the definitive history of the unit. Any photos, detail or other information you have would be very interesting. My email address is or post on the Facebook page for the benefit of others.

Regards, Rob

Hi Bob just seen your post regarding 212. Never forgot you or all the other lads. Had a great time up there at Wattisham and look back now with a smile and happy memories.Seems a very long time ago now . Iam now retired and heading up to the big 70. Hope you remember me take care of your self and all the best Derek Boreham