30 Squadron 1970-1980

My name is Bob Beer I administer a Facebook Group dedicated to 30 Squadron 1970 to 1980 If anybody wishes to join the group they can contact me on Facebook, with their details and I will add you.



Hi Bob, if you want to put the link to the group on the "front page" for 30 Sqn just send me an email and I'll add it.

I was 5 Tp troopy with Phil Lance my SSgt from Sep 71 until Apr 74 just before we started NI training for Inf Role Long Kesh. 30 Sqn was on the first Op Descant (RE role Op Banner) and we took over RAF accommodation at Ballykelly along side 2RGJ in Dec 71. 5Tp had responsibility for installing and operating the key barriers in Londonderry for what became Bloody Sunday. Ended my Service in 1996 at RSME

Hi Brian do you remember filling sandbags Willie Wilson⁹