44 Field support Squadron

Hello fellow hamelites,24355237 lcpl paul gilbert mt section support troop.Any old boys around from 1981 to 1985 the era of tug wilson, george burroughs,and sergeant majors alec aitkin or ssm gilbert i ended up as orderly cpl before posting to waterbeach jan 85.Where are you chalky,simmo numpty,george,barney, tug,ray and bridge troop and the planties under canuck danny kelly get in touch if poss Regards fellas PG



G'day there Paul,
Got a bit bored and did some searching and here was your message from some time ago; seeking out the old plant troop! Im now retired and live in Australia..but remember with affection our times in the 'park' .. I met a few of the lads on my travels:Fred Pavey, Wimpy Danes & Chris Crofts !Hope that this finds you well. George

Hi george long time no see (35 years) it's bill wakefield here driver in Bridge spt sqn I remember we were both pompey fans and you gave me a large pompey mirror which I still have to this day all the best in your life down under mate

How the devil are you? Nice to see you are making a life for yourself down under. Hope things are going well. Last time I saw you was at the RSME circa 86 I think. Would be good to hear from you. Take care.

Bored browsing the web came across this page, though it was a long time ago I remember my days in resources troop as a 'chippy', just wondered what happened to the lads from the squadron. I'm now a paramedic in south Wales.glad to see George Burroughs is still about last I saw him was before he went off to Brunei lol , me and my room mate "blems" used to confound ssm aitken on room inspection as he never found our beer

Hi Taff, it was ChiChi, Staff Hannon that kept trying to catch us, Al Aitken, used to pop up for a beer when he had had a particularly hard day - more often then not.

Give me a shout and we can catch up

Hows it going mate? nice to see that you and Ian Blemings are still about.I haven't seen any of the old 44 for years, although bizarrely walked straight into Tarzan Swain on a beach in St Lucia about 12 years ago lol. Keep in touch.

Can anyone tell me anything about Sgt. Brad Chadwick from 36 regt Maidstone, 1961-1963', or Dave Rudman 2 field survey depot, Aden, 1963

I was in Mt 83-86 , didn't Taff Farr take your SSM clerks post ?
Tug retired and stayed in Hameln
Mick page plant op lives round the corner
Mick Harley and Nobby Clark are in Pompey
Simon was spotted driving a lorry up North somewhere
SSM Gilbert followed me to Chattendean where he got RSM badge

Hi its bill wakefield here hope you are all well .just calling out any comrades who served with me between the above dates. They were great times remember hammer and toenail sudbad volts bank what was the pub called just outside Gordon barracks (Vienna Snitzel great)

If you can't remember "George's" it's serious, Go see the Doc!

Big Bill I remember you, how's things ? Good days indeed remember Mick Harley, Simon,
Gaz palmer, nobby clerk etc lunch breaks in the cam net store playing Euka

Hameln good times I remember those days playing cards with all the bridge train lads hope you are well mark and all the best for the future.

Did you have a nickname Bill? I was there then. used to go in them places also. When I wasn't doing extra duties that is!!

Does anyone have a copy of 44's Sqn Badge - the black leaping stag?

Another blast from the past lol, glad to see you are still about. Hope things are going well for you.

Hey, i'm trying to contact any old comrades of MT troop, 44 fld sup squadron. Junior, John Boy, Tony Peat, George Pike etc.. cant remember names as we called each other Geordie and scouse!! contact me if you recognise my name please.

Anyone still around from 44 Squadron Paderborn 1964-1970? Also any crane ops working in Hameln during the same period?