5 Squadron


From Hank Lawrence

The 5th Field Company was formed by Royal Warrant at Plymouth in 1787.
The Company saw action in Spain, France and the Netherlands
during the Napoleonic Wars, and spent several years
in Canada and Bermuda during the 19th Century.
During the Zulu War of 1879,
Lt John Chard VC of 5 Field Company commanded
the successful defence of Rorke’s Drift.
The Company served in the Boer War, and suffered heavy casualties
on the Western Front during the First World War.
During the Second World War, the company served in France in 1939 – 40,
and in Burma from 1942 – 44.
After the War, the Company moved to Germany and
renamed 5 Field Squadron in 1948,
moving to Iserlohn for the first time in 1958.
The Squadron completed 4 tours in Northern Ireland from 1971 – 78,
and spent 12 years affiliated to 6 Airmobile (later Armoured) Brigade.
5 Field Squadron moved to join
22 Engineer Regiment at Tidworth in 1993


Does anyone remember a John Kendall. He was in 5 sqdr in the 60s. He was from West ham, London.

I recall a couple of visits to Hameln, for Hard Training on the Weser.
The ferrying of troops and equipment over a 48 hour period was demanding to say the least.
The grub after we had completed the exhausting work, was cooked in the open by our Squadrom Sergeant Cook, with the given name of Ying Tong....Tomato soup and Cheese Sarnie.....still one of my favourite things to eat .
Thank goodness for memories!

does anyone remember egghead (1979 onwards)

looking for antony owen 1980 onwards also known as egghead

Ijoined 5sqn spring 1959 till sping1965(I think). At which point I was the longest serving member. The used to come and go 4 OC,4 SSM.6 TpComdrs, every bridging, and ferry site, every Dems targeting the major water course/ route, For two or m seasons my Sec Bedford Rl
was 16BP14. IM Still in contact with Jim Heath.sian Brophy jonny morton my driver Baz Jackson.Alex Berkeley. That's all for now must go⁰ I remember John Kendle