Can I ask who posted this please? My intake at JLRRE was in Sangro Tp B Sqn?


This was my intake photo (Dave Smith) the troops at that time were ....... Normandy, Cassino and Imphal.

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Terry O'sullivan

Hi There

I have just posted a pass out photo of Sangro troop b squadron of winter 1971 of which I was a member and you may also be in the same intake as there was a McDonnell in my intake. Hope this helps.


Hi Terry

Thank you for the photo unfortunately I cannot enlarge it but I am sure I saw Major Shaw OC B sqd on the picture, he was my OC when I was there, is there any possibility that you would send/email me a copy if I sent you my email address?

Kind regards

Hugh alais Wolf

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Terry O'sullivan

Hello Hugh

Of course I can no problem.



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I got there Sept 1970 did course 1,2,3 then jumped to 7 then 8 because of my age. Lefty Wilson was the troopy and it was Sgt. Bryan 'Betty' Packman RIP that was the troop Sgt. If you go to your browser settings you can enlarge the photo from 100% to 140% and you can clearly see the names at the bottom.


Hi Mac. I was also in your Intake. Colin Saunders. If I recall you were in the "big end room" with the rest of the "M's and your dad was also serving?I have also responded to Terry's original Sangro Tp photo post. Hope you are well mate. Would love to catch up with any of the lads one day before we all "move on". Living the life in Oz now and working as a Building Consultant.

Dave McDonnell

Colin hi - just realized who you are and the fact that I seemed to have signed up to this site before as well.... Yes, I was in the big end room but for some reason, forgot it was for the M's but it makes sense with me, Marsden and McCullough! I am up in North Yorkshire these days and if you or anyone else on that photo is ever passing, please stop by - cheers, Dave