Dave Gorrill

1st June 2021 - tomorrow we will say goodbye to Dave Gorrill (55 Squadron Cove, 1976-1977 then 4 Sqn Nienburg, 1977-1981, 24 Squadron Chattenden, 1981-1983, HQ 23 Engr Regt Osnabruck 1983-1988 and finishing off at HQ 38 Engineer Regt in 1988).  Dave was a contrarian, he made his own mind up and he wasn't easily persuaded otherwise.  He inspired some and enraged others - but he always had the best interests of the Corps and of his fellow sappers at heart.     He started the world-famous "I'm a Sapper, I'm Ubique" group that led to so many people reconnecting with others, that grew into numerous spin-off sites as sappers bickered and got silly, and that gave so many of us endless fun and nonsense - a reminder of the esprit-de-corps we once shared.The group did a lot of good for a lot of people, so much that I ended up on Radio4 with Dave one fine year talking about the group and where it sprang from, how people often underestimated or prejudged him, and how I found him inspirational.  Our hearts go out to Becky and his family -Dave was ubique and unique, a true one-of-a-kind.  If anyone reads this message, please feel free to either click the CHAT button above and pass on your respects in the facebook group he created - or post a comment at the bottom of this page (They should also show up on the homepage later).  Goodnight Dave.  Stand Easy.
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Saturday, May 8, 2021


Sorry to hear the sad news, I was at 24 and then 73 (part of 23 at Quebec) the same time as Dave. I'll raise a glass later on.

Thanks Farouk. Much appreciate the comment

Dave it was a pleasure knowing you. Being there when you held court in the Corporals Mess 23 Regt Quebec Barracks. Good times. May you rest in peace.

Met Dave on Ime a sapper really liked him,we shared te same politics & sense of humour...exchanged many a PM with him,Realised later that we had served along side each other at the Berg,him 4 Sqd,me RHQ Troop....must have past each other many a time...Great bloke,and like our other mutual friend Simon Curdeon,great Sapper & all round human being..
I will miss him,and FB will be that much quieter and less amusing now
Your friend Terry Lewis-Clarke

To me Dave is a fantastic guy, never afraid to say what he thought. Always my friend. See you in "The Bar"

I was Dave's lunchtime drinking partner at 23. We had some great laughs. He had his opinions, as we all do, but would never conceed in an argument. I liked Dave a lot. R.I.P. Dave - taken far too soon.