Origin of 117 Sqn

117 Fd Spt Sqn (V) was the successor to 117 Corps Eng Regt (TA).
In 1967 the three Scotttish Corps Engineer Regiments were each reduced to one squadron.
The two divisional engineer regiments were also cut, Lowland divisional Engineers to one squadron and Highland divisonal engineers to one troop, based in Abrdeen.

From these four squadrons and one troop were formed 71 Engineer regiment and 117 (Independent) Field Support squadron. The Squadron had three troops.; stores troop and workshops troop wwere based at Rodd Rd Dundee where the SHQ was also. Plant troop was based in Forrest Rd in Aberdeen.

The squadron remained inependent untl 1994 ( I think) when it becme part of 71 Engineer Regiment.



I was PSI at Plant Troop from 1978 - 1980. We shared the TA centre with the Gordon Highlanders in Hardgate.