13 Squadron

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From Brian Osborne - 13 Field Survey Sqn was based at B Camp Barton Stacey up until it replaced 22 Map Production Squadron at A Camp Barton Stacey on the disbandment of 22 Sqn around 1977/8



I've always wanted a 13 Map Prod Sqn plaque. Are these available and if so how do I get my hands on one

Hello There, If you contact Julie Prince at www.makepennycrafts.co.uk she can make any plaques up with whatever you want on them and they are excellent quality and very reasonably priced. I have just had 2 made up and I recommend the company and very speedy delivery. Hope that helps.

Cheers Tel I'll check it out

Hello There,

If you contact Julie Prince at www.makepennycrafts.co.uk. She can make up any plaques with what ever you want on them and they are excellent quality and very reasonably priced. Hope that helps.

I joined I3Sqn 1970.I remember Charlie Sharp Willie Meek,Barry Yorke,Tatty Bye,Brummy Ridding Dave Mandy,MAC Ashurst,Johnny Knowles.Anybody else out there from this time. My name is Johnny Waite.

I served in 13 Squadron from December 1956 until February1959 and then for a second spell from November 1961 until the squadron moved in with 42 Regt at Barton Stacey when I was moved to the Cartographic Sqn (47 ?) Remember many names from both visits. Just ask .

Prior to 13 Sqn I was at ASS Harrogate GP 50A and then in January 53 until July 53 was part of No 1 Ex Boys Group at 9 Training Regiment, Southborough Camp (Farnborough). Onward then to SMS, Hermitage until moving briefly to Transit Camp at Barton Stacey, onward to HMS Empire Ken and thence to Fayid and 42 Svy Eng Regt (Egypt) Moved with '42' to Zyii Camp, Cyprus and remained there until early Dec when I was transferred to 19 Topo Sqn where I stayed until November 1956. Returning to the Uk had my second spell at Fernhurst and on to Barton Stacey in 1963 After some time with the Carto Sqn (Al Gordon, Taff Eveliegh, Roger Billet, Mick Hamilton & others) I applied for a couse at Long Marston as Storeman Tech and on completion was moved to 19 Topo. Then applies for further course an Long Marston and qualifying Class1 Storeman Technical I as approached By Storeman Tech training wing & asked if I would like to go there as an instructor - I did and commenced there mid 1967. In July 68 I was seconded to the RE Sqn in Singapore (59 ?) for 12 weeks to instruct a Class 2 Storeman Tech Course. Whilst there (after 9 weeks) I was called home - a personal tragedy - 15 of the 16 attendees of the course passed with high marks. As a result of my personal experiences I obtained a discharge from the Army after 16 years ( + boys service) finishing in Feb 1969 just 18 years 361 days from the date I signed on in Brighton as a boy. Alas in those days NO PENSION.

Spent from Dec 1955 until November 1956 with 19 Squadron at RAF Habbiniya, Iraq. The Sqn was based on the RAF site and whilst working off that site wore civilian clothes and carried a UK Passport. Mine was issued by the British Embassy in Bagdad. Spent a few months in the field and then worked as MT storeman. Remember Sqares Barker, Geordie Copeland, Len Wallis, Sam Croucher, Roy Brammer, Sid Christmas, Chic Chequers and others.