150 DCRE

I know nothing about this unit, I was only told of its existence by Bill Kerr in an email on 31st October 2015.  If you know anything about it please put it in the comments below.  REgards, Gordon




I know that my Father was in this Unit...he was also in SOE during the War..and MI6 after the war...which is possibly why you won't know much about it?..My Dad's whole career was shrouded in mystery :)

Another explanation of 150 DCRE is that, as part of the reduction of forces in Germany post-war, the RE were reorganised into 'Corps' Royal Engineers' 'CRE' (ie those parts of the REs that came under the Corps HQ and were not subordinated to any of the Divisions or Brigades.
The work was mainly focussed on building/re-building military facilities post-war (rather than Combat Engineering, the role of RE units under Div and Bde etc).
CRE work formations were based in Minden, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Schleswig, Dortmund, Hamburg and Hannover, with seventeen subordinate 'District' CREs (hence DCRE). 150 DCRE was in Osnabruck I think.
The DCREs were structured on military lines and made up mainly of ex-Wehrmacht personnel with a lot of work carried out bringing German barracks back into use for British Forces (some were also involved in work for the Control Commission such as accommodation in Hamburg consulates).

Hope that helps a bit :)

Hi I was posted to DCRE at the start of sues crises I was the vech mechanic.camp was full of German trades men for repairs to married quarters and barrack buildings 1955