17 Squadron

From Rob Wood - 17 Sqn title was actually 17 RSME Transport Sqn, initially staffed by a mixture of RCT, WRAC & civilians with a few sappers. it then had a change around and the RCT troop moved out and a full sapper troop came in mixing with the WRAC and civis, closed down when Chattenden closed

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I joined 17 (Jerboa)Sqn, the OC was Maj Macbaine and the SSM was WO2 Sewell, in 1957 as part of 22 Engr Regt, including 3 Sqn,23 Sqn & 6 Field Pk, at Chiesledon Camp near Swindon. In 1959 17 Sqn moved to Christmas Island for 6 Months, Near Hawaii, then it was disbanded. I was then posted to 23 Sqn, Chiesledon Camp closed and 22 Engr Regt(3 Sqn,23 Sqn & 6 Fd Pk) move to Tidworth Camp about 1961. Prior to 1957 17 Sqn returned to UK from N.Africa where some were extras in the film Ice Cold in Alex, starring John Mills.

I understand some of 17 Sqn who served in Christmas Island may qualify for a new Christmas Island Medal.

This Medal is awarded to some of those who served in Nicosia with 33 Indep Fe Sqn.