175 Inland Water Transport Regt

175 IWT Regiment AER. (IWT=Inland Water Transport). (AER= Army Emergency Reserve the forerunner to the present TA.)

Spike is the first person to ask for this squadron/ regt to be created, so anyone who can tell me anything about it please feel free to get in touch.  Failing that, hopefully Spike will have some memories/ stories and photos to provide which the rest of us can use to find out more about it.  REgards, Gordon



Hi my late dad Alec Crowe was working on the Thames as a Waterman / Lighterman at the time he got called up for national Service & was sent to Christmas Island at the very beginning of Operation Grapple. He was flown out there with a stop in the USA then onto the Island. Sadly I do not have his Service Number only photos's. He worked on the waterways division and was told it was a very small group he was in with the RE. He was a Lance Corporal and was at Marchwood and Southampton. He was home April 1957 back in Erith , Kent where he continued on the river as a lighterman & waterman until he died aged 55.

Have just joined Sappers and can remember your Dad as a Lighterman . I worked for many Erith Companies, W Cory, Cory Tank Lighterage , H W Clark and Erith and Dartford. From 1954 to 1957 I was in 174 Port Operating Sqn AER