My Time in 28 ANZUK

I Joined 28 ANZUK Fld Sqn in 1973 when it was attached to to "The First New Zealand Infantry Battalion" based at Dieppe Barracks, Sembawang. Our Sqadron was made up of Sappers from Australia, New Zealand and Blighty. I was allocated as the O.C's Driver. The O.C. was an Australian Major who liked his comfort, so he had commandeered the units VW Minibus as his personal transport. The Aussie way was totally different to Ours. I used to turn up at the Majors Married Quarters to collect him, To be met by his Wife, A can of Fosters and a full breakfast, whilst I waited for him to get ready.

When the Aussies departed it was just the Kiwi's and use Brits and a Brit Captain took over as O.C. and I became his driver but in a Land rover.

The Kiwi's were the next to depart and we changed our name to 28 Independent Field Troop RE. When the Gordon Highlanders departed. We moved down to their former barracks in Nee-Soon Village. I left the unit on Christmas Eve 1974. So had departed prior to the units disbandment in 1975.