19 Squadron

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Anybody on this tour with robbo robinson {Capt}

I was his driver for a while along with Barry Spike.

IS that stan lawrence use to be driving instructor at barton stacey

The same knocker. Think I had contact with you on forces reunited. Don't go on the sites very often but have been doing some training down 1RSME and one of the guys told me about the site.
Have tried to find Baz Spike and Dave Purvis but no luck!
How are you keeping?

What you doing at RSME

Just to introduce myself, Lance Corporal Mark Johnson, served from 1968-1974. Outside training, I spent most time in 19 Topo Squadron, Barton Stacey, and training at SMS Hermitage.

Anyone out there I might know??

Best regards

MArk j

Remember you well Mark, can I assume that like me you are retired now?

Most of my time was spent at Barton Stacey with 19 Topo Squadron which then became 19 Geodetic Squadron. A short period was spent in the Geodetic Office in Feltham. There were of course periods spent at SMS Hermitage.

No mention of 19 Sqn when based at RAF Habbiniya in Iraq. Strange.

Squad spent approximately 3 months on this exercise, Major Williams ( who succeeded Major Crunchie ) was O/C and the HQ was at Kahawa ( Coffee) barracks in Nairobi. 2 I/C's Christian name was Vivian but try as I might I can't remember his surname, I recall his first name as we played regimental rugby together and all players were addressed by there first name when on the pitch. " Can anybody help" he left the Army to take up beef farming in his native Wales.

I see mention of Barry Spike in earlier comments. Myself and Woody were room mates with Spikey for 2 years, until he was seconded to the regimental recruiting display team, never saw him again after that. Loved his golf and a bet on the gee gee's. He met a girl in a place as I remember called Long Town Victoria State. (Her father ran a pub, not surprising that he met her then !!) when we were on a 3 month exercise in Austrailia, always said he would return to marry her when he came out of the army, maybe he did and why former squaddies are unable to find him ?.