2 Engineer Stores Depot (2 ESD)

I know nothing about this unit either, I was told of its existence by Bill Kerr in an email on 31st October 2015.  If you know anything about it please put it in the comments below.  REgards, Gordon



No. 2 E S D Liphook was a sub-depot of No 1 Engineers Stores Group, Long Marston.
I was stationed there from March 1948 till June 1949. I was a Regimental Police
N C O  at that time. The C O's name I cannot remember, however the Adjutant's
name Captain Hudson, rudely nicknamed " Soapy".
There were only about  70 or 80 military staff, but a large number of civilians,
employed  in the work-shops,repairing and forwarding equipment to other units.
The unit had it's own railway sidings, Power  house, and Fire Brigade.
There was also a large canteen which was only to cater for the civilians,
who were much better fed than the troops!!
Hope this is of some interest!
Len Woodgate