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A not so Short History of Unit.
40 Advanced Engineers Stores Regiment Kitchener Barracks
Formed in January 1952 under the command of the Chief Engineer BAOR
to bring together the engineer resources and repair units in BAOR
which were in various locations from Dortmund to Hannover
Jan 52 to Jul 58 80 Adv Wksp and Park Sqn
339 Plant Park Sqn 1254 + 1255 Ind Wksp and Park Sqns
267 Stores Unit + 721 Wksp Unit - manned by civilians
In 1957 41 Army Fld Park Sqn previously 41 Fld Park Sqn
of 11 Engr Gp Roberts Barracks Osnabrück
joins the regiment but based at Hameln
In 1958 BAOR was reorganised on a brigade group basis
and the Field Engineer Regiments were broken up
Jul 58 to Apr 60 80 Wksp and Park Sqn 21 Wksp and Park Sqn -
formed from 1254 and 1255 Wksp andPark Sqns previously
21 Fld Park Sqn of 23 Fld Engr Regt Napier Barracks Dortmund
41 Plant Park Sqn - formed from 339 Plant Park Sqn and 41Army Park Sqn
Commanding Officers Jan 52
Lt Col R Gregory - Lt Col LE Upton - Lt Col GHEPincott –
Feb 59 Lt Col JD Grice Apr 60 to Jan 68
21 Wksp and Plant Sqn 41 Plant Park Sqn
46 Wksp and Plant Sqn in Gheel - Belgium
moved from Maidstone and amalgamated with 80 Wksp and Plant Sqn
Jan 68 to Jan 70 21 Park Sqn 41 Wksp Sqn
46 Wksp and Plant Sqn now 46 Park Sqn moved to Sennelager
303 Stores Depot 305 Stores Depot - Cromwell Barracks Hamm
Sub depots at Sennelager - Hanover -
Scharfoldendorf -Hameln 40 Army Support Regiment
Jan 70 to Oct 77 21 Army Sp Sqn 41 Army Sp Sqn -
not manned G1098 held for mobilisation
Engr Base Wksp + Engr Spares Park +
Engr Plant Park + REMEWksp + PLU?
Civil Labour Unit 303 Engr Park + 305 Engr Park at Hamm
46 Army Sp Sqn in Sennelager - not manned G1098 held formobilisation
16 Oct 73 - Freedom of Willich
date unknown - 522 STRE (Works) arrived but not under command
Commanding Officers
Nov 61 Lt Col D Kenwrick-Cox - Sep 64 Lt Col TG Glendenning–
Mar 67 Lt Col DG RaschenJun 69 Lt Col JH Joiner -
Jul 71 Lt Col JD Waymark - Mar 73Lt Col RA Dennis -
Sep 75 Lt Col RWM Eagle 21 Army Support Squadron
Oct 77 to Oct 81Regiment disbands
squadron takes over the role of engineer support for BAOR
responsibility for forward sub-depots transferred
to 65 Corps Support Squadron in Hameln
41 Army Sp Sqn - not manned G1098 held for mobilisation -disbanded Jan 78
46 Army Sp Sqn in Sennelager - not manned G1098 held for
mobilisation - disbanded Jan 78
Officers Commanding
Oct 77 Maj CM Davies - Sep 78 Maj DS Stewart -
Oct 80 Maj MJV Hoskins GM Squadron
Sergeant Majors Oct 77 WOI B Cox...
21 Army Support Squadron disbands
now 40 Army Engineer Support Group
Further update thanks to
'The History of the Corps of Royal Engineers' Volume X