210 DCRE

Tony Young has just told me that this unit existed.  I'm sure he'll email me to add more details, but in the meantime at least you can add your service history now. REgards, Gordon

Tony tells me "210 DCRE Iserlohn - a satellite unit of  CRE Dortmund (based at The Airfield).; the DCRE acted very much as the former civilian district councils used to, having responsibility for all military buildings and land ( barracks, hospitals, married families accom, civilian support services and, in our case, the winter training centre at Winterberg near the Hertz mountains). In my time there was a military staff of a major (the DCRE), a captain (garrison engineer) and lieutenant; admin staff of WOI, WO II, corporal and sapper, supported by 8 German civilian staff; 8? German clerks of works + 8 civilian drivers with cars. The Unit was accommodated in the former commandants building in its own grounds outside the Aldershot Barracks (formerly the Flakkaserne)."