23 Squadron

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Hi , This is Alan Wilkinson I was a full screw at 23. I was a mate of John Barker, Andy Black.

Any of the old 1troop lads in contact ,brothers BRI &Stevie weeks. Ginge into ect?

Both are members of the Amph Branch REA and both are well

both members amph branch REA

Both the Weeks are on the Facebook page I posted on Alan Wilkinsons message.

Aye Up Wilki - there is a crackin' Hameln Group on Facebook - (Geordie the Planty).

...happy new year all and just a short message:


Hi, Does any one remember the unit l worked with for 3 years as a Tug-opp at Hameln bridge camp and on bridge building/crossings on the Vasser,Tummel and Rhine, we were used to collect the launched piers and take them up river to build the heavy floating bridges and heavy ferries and acted as safety boats for amphibious crossings. Our base was a mooring inlet to the left of the bridging hard ( where the tugs were maintained),we were there for the season and took turns to overwinter and break the ice flows up. It is an experience l will never forget as we were treated like nomads and had to find our own food and accomodation in the RCT and RE barracks in the town and were permanent guests at the Naffi bar tent on the infamous tented bridge camp. I would apprieciate any replys from those days ( 1967-1970 ) the only names l can recall are a Sgt Sturgeon who was like our serigate dad, l know that we weren't very much liked by the regimental police etc. as we were a bit disheveled and had longer than normal hair.

If I remember correctly 408 Bridge Troop was under command of OC REBCS who was Maj Grant the 2ic was Capt Davenport. I was MT Sgt & then SQMS of REBCS 1968-71. We had a great club which was called Bruckenclouser (Bridgingclub) or words to that effect.

I served 23 Sqn in 1960-62 in 22 Engr Regt at Chisledon Camp nr Swindon. When the camp closed for housing the Regt moved to Tidworth Camp.