Any one remember Johnny Craig ? (Tubby)

I have been looking through photos on here and have come across a few with my Dad in them, I will upload one that I found in his things. My Dad (full name Henry John Craig)joined in 1963-1970, from his first driving licence I have found the information of 1 troop, 8 Fld Squadron, 3 Division Engineers Moolton, Tidworth, Hants. In think his nickname was Tubby. My Dad passed away on 3rd July 2013.

Many thanks
Helen Goodey



Sorry to hear of your loss. I have the exact same photo which was taken in the
in Hameln around 64/65 I think it was a leaving presentation for the S/Sgt. I am the person standing on the right hand shoulder of the S/Sgt receiving the gift. Is your dad the one sitting down on the left of the S/sgt, if so we actually shared the same room.