L/cpl john(scouse) Donaldson.

Early Monday morning squadrons on parade,our sergeant major sings a donkey serenade,some silly b******D shouts RIGHT DRESS,you should have seen the f***ing mess,we are the 29 squadron,we are a f***ing shower.



yea, you always went on leave,and came back with a "smile" on your face,after meeting up with a nice"Aunt?"Anyway remember, Fagan (Jock) Loft (Deigo) Hamner(Colin)Bob Harrison,Applegarth Appleton,Jackie Maddocks,Happy memories!!I was in 2 Troop,(Cpl Eric Charlton,then Plant Tp.Sgt Jock Heenan,What a character.

Bloody hell Laurie,remember all of them as I too was in 2troop,just can't seem to place you,or the nice aunt,nor coming back off leave with a smile on my face,don't think so.

Do you remember Bob (geordie) Frayne or Billy Eathorne.

Wow,what a handsome ,smooth guy,with the Elvis "quiff",Remember him coming back from Blighty in his cool new suit,like a little bolero jacket.Yea we had a few jars,I remember you too Mike,can,t remember Billy, I ended up back in 29 after a stint in Aden,am no retired 70,not in bad health tough,wishing you well

Yes Laurie i remember the suit well, Bob was best man at my wedding
but sadly passed away a few years now I also left 29 & spent a short time in Aden , then 60sqdn. in Maidstone where I demobed from, don't know if you remember a Paddy McEnroe.Like you retired and in good health with 3 games of golf a week.

Hello Lawrie a name from the pastget in touch we can have a chat nice to see you are alive and kicking

Remember them well Bob was a good mate while I was with 29 Billy was posted not long after I got to 29 Plant Troop there was a few bright sparks in the troop as well Jack Maddox to name one willy Hartly I met him again in Thialand on O[p crown he hadn't changed still pissed on rum.Great to look back good times fon d memories all the best Brummie Lawton

Back in time! Yea, Jackie ,I remember eas on the"Gainsborough" 4 wheel dozer,big mean machine, I was on a Michigan ,and upgraded to work the A/Barford grader down Regensberg way.Great time!!Mike you have just came back to mind,and Willy Hartley,Jock Muir and my ol, "Players Capstan" Full strength Eddie Fagan(Jock) what a great guy, a "Georges" top "Shareholder!!?"Ha I hear Georges is still going,the lovely Marlis & Wolfgang made us all feel so welcome ,Good times to cherish,with good company,Ha, just came to mind, our coloured friends form Jamaica,Rupert(Biffo)Messiah and Bill Williams,2 lovely guys,Hell .! I could go on,keep the name coming in sappers ,it,s good to Remember, R.I.P Geordie F. ,A top lovely friend!!

not sure if I remember you or not Laurie,I am in touch with Mike Read on facebook,remember jock Muir,jock Fagan,Biffo was a good mate,and were Marlis and Wolfgang in Georges across the road?Had some card games,booze and egg sarnies in there.

Just thought about your comment on Georges.It is still going but not as we knew it.I was out there in the 90's working,bricklaying,and while I was in Hannover I went to Hameln for a look,Georges is the same but is a posh restaurant now,never saw a squaddie in there.Did meet two lads outside the barracks though,came off their m'bikes and blamed me,called the MP's,so I called the German police,they cleared me but fined me 40 Marks cos my van was parked facing the wrong way.Not a very good days sightseeing.

Remember those two eccentrics?Ha poor ol Colin Hamner ,always found up the attic,in a corner doing his paintings!! Also "Deigo"Loft went off to Spain,drove down in his Bedford Dormabile,Nice guys . Do you remember the Canadian Fraser,big blonde guy,smashed a champ up,just after I arrived,the guard room sent him to the M.O, who sent him back the room with 3 paracetamol! No expense spared!! I,ll keep the names coming if I remember any more, still kicking at 71 ,Hope you,re well Scouse! Take care

Now I've seen the photos remember you well Laurie,it was a long time ago ay.Remember most of the people you have mentioned,but not the Canadian,perhaps after my time.Yea doing ok myself thanks,72 as well,didn't think we would last this long the way we lived then,happy days.Take care.