photos of fancy dress party.

I would love to know who posted the photos of the 2 troop,29 Sqn.fancy dress piss up,about 1965 I guess,I am in it and I know all the other people.What a night that was,I was Adolf Hitler by the way,in the middle somewhere.



posted by the cowboy Mike Reid

hi mike i haven,t seen these pics for ages i lost the ones i had i was dressed as the vicar and if i remember we went into town dressed like that

Hi vicar, glad you enjoyed the photo's of the fancy dress,but I thought some of you guys went down town dressed like that most nights or was that only when you went to the " hole in the wall"
Happy days.

John I have posted another picture of you and I together like best buddies,hope you
can recognize some people in the other pictures just posted.Give me a clue on some of the names.

Thanks for the message Mike,I knew all those photos when I saw them,never thought you had posted them,and you were the cowboy,rememberyou now alright.The occasion was Lofty Harders batchelor night but don't remember him.Do remember Jock Connelly,Joe Perkins,Johnny Carne,all 2 troop,I remember all the others but not the names.This has made my night,small world isn't it.

Strange that you post a message looking for anyone from 29sqn. I join the re united page see your post our names don't ring any bells then some old pictures appear and a lot of memory's light up, must be an age thing. Still have one or two photo's to post

We sure did look young.

Yea Mike,we do look young,but then that was about 47 years ago,no wonder we can't remember half the names.I have some photos to post as well,will go through them soon as I can,some are stuck so fast in the album it's a job to get them out to scan them,christ knows what I stuck them in with,but it's good stuff.Keep watching and stay in touch,perhaps try facebook later on,up to you,anyway catch you later cowboy,cheers.

2Pictures for you Mike,first shows barracks today,second is in 1943,year I was born,note the swastika flag on the corner of the square,Nazi troops on gate.From what I can make out they were Panzer units in the barracks.After the war,29 Sqn.RE took over in 1949.

See if you can recognize any one John, bit hard with dress hat's on. I know the faces but pass on the names.

I remember that night I was dressed as a vicar . I can't see the pictures though must be doing something wrong anyway if I remember rightly we went into town dressed like that what a night

Yep I've seen the pics now doh ! press button marked photos !! The pics of Sonden when we blew up a railway bridge and half a village and our illustrious leader capt kana who thought he could walk on water and took a short cut across the river and sunk like a stone and when 1of the charges didn't go off and he was in charge so he had the long walk to reset it i won't repeat what some lads were saying when he was walking to the bridge anyone who still remembers this get in touch