24 Squadron

This is the main page for the squadron or unit. More info will be added here as I get the time, but for now it's a "base" for establishing comms with other members of the same unit. You can post messages for other members of the same unit using the messages link above this blurb, and you can also search for other members of this unit. Once you find them, click on their name to send an email direct to them. Please note that this website doesn't "remember" your emails, they are sent direct from you to the recipient without sappers.co.uk getting in the way. That helps you get in touch quickly and it keeps everything simple and free. Have fun. Gordon

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Hello there, not sure I'm in the right place. I am Eifion Davies daughter and trying to locate old army pals. The info he has given me is he was in 36 Enigma Maidstone 24 Field Squadron. I know he went to Bahrain for a time(between 1966-1970) He has given me names of John Little, Gordon Longstone, John Hough, Brummie Bryant, Mick Leach, Roy Ginger Fox and Taffy Davies. Grateful for any info, thanks

Hi my name is John Hough I was in the same Sqn and also in. Bahrain with all of the above names I now live in Spain,remember them well also Jack Lonsdale.

HI I was in 24 and 61 field park SQD
I remember Taffy Davies
I think Mick Leach as well
Best wishes to you all

Graham Larkin ( Ned)

Not entered in the data is the fact that we ( 24 Fd Sqn ) went to live & work at RAF Muharrak ( now Bahrain International Airport ) for a 12 months unaccompanied tour. We returned to Maidstone . Not sure of the exact months of departure / return. Good wishes to anyone from that tour.