Clive Cadle

I was in Kenya between 1957 and 1959. First time we were only there at Gilgil, west of Nairobi, we literally had to carve our camp out of the bush. After only about six weeks we had orders to pack up and move to an unknown destination in the middle east. We were a rapid deployment force, and could be anywhere in the region within 24 hours.
Our eventual destination was Bahrain, where we spent about three months, then moving to Aden, and eventually back to Gilgil. Here I spent the rest of my tour until August 1959.
My sergeant's name was McKenzie.
I was the Squadron Dispatch Rider and Company Photographer.



Clive, hope you're still around as you'd be about same age as me, 84. It's Terry Whitchurch. We were National Service men starting at Malvern then on to Farmborough. We were posted to Cyprus at that shitty time when Eoka were still active. Then Gil, Gil, Kenya by the troopship Empire Fowey thru' the Suez canal down to Mombasa. Next was that quick 48 hrs to Kuwait which was "diplomatically" settled then they sent us to Bahrain. Hot, hot!! Then to Aden, another shit hole. Finally back to Kenya then we were sent back to UK, July? for demob about October. You and Beryl came to Bristol and visited Val' and I just after. We had a son in 1962, Steven. Michele was born when I was in Kenya, 1958. We had a good life in Bristol up to 1980 when things got bad, no work etc. I was a toolmaker and Special Purpose machine designer. Did some tech courses. We finally emigrated to Australia in 1981 and settled in Camden South of Sydney where I now live. Sadly I lost Val' to breast cancer in 2019,I came back again in 2019, May, to put her ashes with her Mum in Bristol and at the place we met in 1955, Cabot Tower. You came there and took photo's of us which I've still got. I was absolutely smashed for a year or so but, my kids and there family's, here in Oz' pulled me through. I live in a retirement complex, just a small unit, bungalow style. Still active, walk a lot and drive a Ford Ranger (2016) We went back to UK in 1997, 2005 and 2015. Val's illness came in 2005 but after op' and radiation it went into remission. Came back after our holiday in 2015, bad that time, tried different medications, chemo' etc. no good, March 29th 2019 she passed away quietly in palliative care.
Clive, I miss her so, it's awful. I'm now working on a book and Genealogy. I've been going thru' all our letters we wrote to each other, 1957 to 59. So many memories which is why I started checking out our old 34 Squadron. So, please reply and tell me how you, and I hope Beryl are. I know the Covid has been bad in UK and now we're getting a new wave in NSW. Take care mate, all the very best, Terry.

Clive, many times in the past 10 years I've tried to trace you. Entered in Google, Clive Cadle, Oxford, RE etc. never any results. Tried again when I was home in 2019, no luck.
Strange? I was a Lance Jack for a while but lost it because, if I'm right we got late (AWOL) back off a "48" from , was it Griffins farm when we were in Gil, Gil.? How's that for a memory! Yes I remember Sgt. McKenzie, he was a regular if I recall, nice bloke though. What about our C>O. Capt. Warwick? and his 2Ic was a tall guy, can't remember his name. If you've got any more info' let me know for my book. Cheers, Terry. (Twitch)