South atlantic jan -jul 83

We are in the sqn bar just up the road from the jetty . Just been up of the office to get the mail Mick Hardwick (in charge of the bar)welcomes me in let me get you a beer after a couple he says give me the keys to the LR you been drinking it was a rowdy night some of the lads were down from the mountain. It was a party. I laughed who is going to nick me the very small police force packed up at half five. Eventually i give him the keys. More cheering and laughing. Some hours later i get the keys back and leave . The LR has gone from outside the bar , wasn't worried we are on a small island for christsake . The islanders often took vehicles drove them around until the fuel ran out. It would turn up later. Went back in the bar ,everyone in there as i now know feigned shock horror that it had been stolen. I start my way down the road to get back to the ship when i get to the jetty someone has parked a LR on it (No vehicles on the jetty)right on the edge two inchs at the front and on the side . Stupid C&nt i thought. Looked at it again yeh it was the LR i had been driving. Bastards took me about fifteen minutes to get it off the jetty couldn't even turn the wheels it was so close to the edge took more than a prayer to get it back on land after a few drinks .Laughed about it for a long time. So who is going to own up beside Mick to doing it lol