25 Field Engineer Regt

This is the holding page for this unit.  Anyone got any interesting stories of 25 to put here?

Terry Dapp has sent me this -


25 was based at Invicta Lines Maidstone, which I joined in January 1951, was to be a contingent part of the 3rd Infantry Division which was reformed in that year.

In November 1951 a Squadron  (46 Field Park Squadron) was sent to Cyprus and in April 1952 joined the rest of the Regt which went to Egypt.,and I believe was based in Moascar where it stayed until 1954?

The Regt also did a stint in Northern Ireland based at Antrim, not sure of dates but after Egypt.

37 Field Squadron, part of 25 FER served in Cyprus Oct !955 - March1956.

Later 25 FER was an Air Support unit based at Waterbeach up to 2011 and finally disbanded between November 2011 and April 2012



i was a driving instructer at invicta camp then in 1955 with 37 squad took my truck and a D4bulldozer to cyprus on HMS thesus aircraft carrier plus about another30 trucks i was the last to be unloaded at famagusta as i was the heaveast truck and then drove to CBS camp nicosea was in a tent with lofty crossland and george spent christmas 1955 in camp drinks brought to the tent by officers grate time had by all